[Pnews] Competent Medical Care - Administer the Hepatitis C cure to Mumia & the 10, 000 PA Prisoners with the disease

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Tue Sep 8 13:59:58 EDT 2015

Competent Medical Care, Not Transfer
Administer the Hepatitis C cure to Mumia &the 10,000 PA Prisoners with 
the disease, NOW!



At the urging of Pam Africa, I visited Mumia yesterday, Sunday, 
September 6. Pam got word from inside that Mumia’s cell had been raided 
by prison authorities.

As you know, after a series of hospitalizations in March and April 2015, 
Mumia has remained in the prison infirmary. During this time, most of 
his property has remained in his old cell.  According to Mumia, on 
Friday, September 4, officers rushed him out of his regularly-scheduled 
medical bath to inform him that all the belongings in his cell had been 
packed up and placed in storage. The handling of prison property in the 
absence of a prisoner is a violation of prison procedures. After signing 
the forms required when prisoner property is placed in storage, Mumia 
asked if he was about to be moved to a different facility, since the 
boxing up of a prisoner’s property usually precedes a transfer. An 
officer assured him that he would not be transferred; but this all 
seemed really strange to Mumia.

These developments follow the immediate aftermath of a medical lawsuit 
filed by Mumia charging the DOC with medical neglect. Coming at this 
moment, a prison transfer would not be in Mumia’s best interest as it 
would disrupt contact with his attorneys and isolate him from his family 
and supporters. In addition, a move would put Mumia’s at risk; it would 
further compromise his physical and mental health and interrupt his 
medical care. The only transfer acceptable would be safe transit to a 
professional facility that would guarantee the medical attention he 
needs for a cure of his “active” Hepatitis C condition, for which there 
is a cure.

As you know, Mumia has been in an acute health crisis for over 9 months, 
since January 2015. In March 2015, prison infirmary physicians allowed 
Mumia to fall into diabetic shock and come close to death.

Please urge the PA Department of Corrections (DOC) to act in Mumia’s 
best interests and refrain from transferring him. Please also urge the 
DOC to give Mumia, and the 10,000 PA Prisoners with Hepatitis C, the 
cure he needs.

Recently, Mumia has lost approximately 25lbs in two months. Although his 
spirits are high and his cognitive abilities have improved, he still 
sleeps all day and is suffering extreme lethargy, a bi-product of 
untreated, “active” Hepatitis C, a liver disease. The skin around his 
face is clearer than before and although his leg wounds have closed, 
they have left crater-like scars, which can erupt at any moment. The 
skin throughout his body remains jet-black, raw, extremely wrinkled, and 
rough, like elephant hide. Nails on his hands and feet are falling off 
and the palms of his hands are blackened. These conditions are also 
symptoms of his untreated, “active” Hepatitis C.

The denial of the Hepatitis C cure to Mumia –while his medical condition 
remains precarious and while his disfiguring skin condition continues to 
cause him unthinkable suffering –is cruel and unusual punishment, and 
torture through medical neglect.

Demand the Hepatitis C cure for Mumia and for the 10,000 PA Prisoners 
with the disease, NOW!

John Wetzel, Secretary of Corrections, Pennsylvania Phone: (717) 728-2573

John Kerestes, Superintendent, SCI-Mahanoy prison: Phone: (570) 773-2158

love and solidarity,

Johanna Fernandez
for Pam Africa and the Movement to Free Mumia & the Campaign to Bring 
Mumia Home

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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