[Pnews] Day 10 of LaSalle14 Hunger Strike - Retaliation against hunger strikers continues

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October 28^th , 2015

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*Day 10 of LaSalle14 Hunger Strike
/Retaliation against hunger strikers continues/*

14 South Asian detainees, from Bangladesh and India (known as the 
“LaSalle14”) at the LaSalle Detention Center started a hunger strike at 
breakfast time on October 19. All of the strikers are asylum seekers, 
and some have been held for up to 2 years. They are demanding to be 
released from detention, as per ICE's own recommendations that detainees 
who have been held for over 6 months and cannot be released in the 
forseeable future should be released.

Since the hunger strike started, 3 of the strikers have been moved to 
Etowah Detention Center, and been prevented from making any contact or 
communication with their families or with DRUM.

At LaSalle, the hunger strikers have had their water supply turned off 
at times. They have also faced interference in their ability to transfer 
money from their commissary to their phone accounts, thus interfering 
with their ability to communicate as well.

Since the last 2 days, ICE officials have been pressuring the strikers 
to contact the consulates of their home countries, which is alarming 
since it is these same government that all the hunger strikers are 
escaping and seeking asylum from.

There is an online petition by the Not1More Campaign to bring attention 
to this issue:

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