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Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day

Leonard counts on supporters like you! Make a Donation Online / Pledge 
to Donate Monthly Mail donations to ILPDC, PO Box 24, Hillsboro, OR 97123 Up


*Leonard counts on supporters like you!*

*Make a Donation Online / Pledge to Donate Monthly 

*Mail donations to ILPDC, PO Box 24, Hillsboro, OR 97123*


Please respectfully write or call the Bureau of Prisons this week urging 
them to transfer Leonard Peltier (#89637-132) to a Medium Security 
facility due to his serious health conditions. It is the right thing to 
do. It is the most humane thing to do because Leonard Peltier's freedom 
should not come home in a pine box. Once again please be very respectful 
when you call or write. You attract more flies with honey than you do 
with vinegar.

Designation & Sentence Computation Center
Email: GRA-DSC/PolicyCorrespondence at bop.gov
Phone: 972-352-4400
Fax: 972-352-4395

Also continue contacting the following.

Charles E. Samuels, Jr., Director
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First Street., NW
Washington, DC 20534
Telephone: 202-307-3198
Email: info at bop.gov

/Avoid sending messages via the BOP Web form. Your message will only be 
sent to the prison. We need instead to reach the decision makers./

Be respectful, but firm. The situation is life threatening. After many 
years of high blood sugar, Leonard is at serious risk for kidney failure 
and the need for dialysis, blood vessel damage in the eyes that can lead 
to blindness, and nerve damage in the feet that could lead to the need 
for amputation. Supporters should also remember that Leonard already 
suffers from a heart condition. Heart disease is, in fact, the number 
one cause of death in people with diabetes.

    In the News

12 October 2015
Contact: Peter Clark, Co-Director, International Leonard Peltier Defense 
Committee, (505) 217-3612 or contact at whoisleonardpeltier.info

*President Evo Morales acknowledges Leonard Peltier as defender of his 
people and Mother Earth, calls for his freedom*

Today, at the World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and Defense of 
Life, President Evo Morales—joined by Vice President Linera, Chancellor 
Choquehuanca, and Ambassador Caceres—acknowledged Leonard Peltier as a 
defender of Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth, and urged President 
Obama to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier.

Leonard Peltier was wrongfully convicted in 1977 in connection with the 
shooting deaths of two agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on 
the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota. The federal prosecutor 
has twice admitted that the government did not and can not prove 
Peltier's guilt. Evidence shows that prosecutors and federal agents 
manufactured evidence against him, hid proof of his innocence, presented 
false testimony, ignored court orders and lied to the jury. In 2003, the 
10th Circuit Court of Appeals found that "Much of the government’s 
behavior at the Pine Ridge Reservation and in its prosecution of Mr. 
Peltier is to be condemned. The government withheld evidence. It 
intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed."

Imprisoned for nearly 40 years—currently at the federal prison in 
Coleman, Florida—Peltier has been designated a political prisoner by 
Amnesty International. Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, 
55 Members of Congress and others—including a judge who sat as a member 
of the court in two of Peltier’s appeals—have all called for his 
immediate release.

President Evo Morales hosted the landmark 2010 World Peoples Conference 
on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. This year's conference 
focused on climate, the threat of capitalism and the concept of living 
well. President Correa (Ecuador), President Maduro (Venezuela) and the 
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon were in attendance, as were 
other interested parties from around the world.

Specifically invited by President Morales, Lenny Foster (spiritual 
advisor to Leonard Peltier and Board member, International Indian Treaty 
Council) said, "I gratefully accept this important acknowledgement of 
the sacrifices made by Leonard Peltier in defense of his people and of 
Mother Earth. We can think of no other award so precious. Defense of our 
Mother is the first right we must assert as Indigenous Peoples."

Foster also read Leonard Peltier's words: "…We’ve seen that the pursuit 
of maximized profits through globalization, privatization, and corporate 
personhood has become a plague that destroys life… The people most 
closely associated with the Earth suffer first and most… To live free of 
the fear of forced removal, destroyed homelands, poisoned water, and 
loss of habitat, food sources and our overall life way is our righteous 
demand. We, therefore, continue our struggle to survive in the face of 
those who deny climate change and refuse to curb corporate powers… It is 
time for all our voices to be heard.”
After, Mr. Foster presented President Morales with his portrait—painted 
by Leonard Peltier.


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