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Ona Move

First we would like to take the time and thank all of the people who 
last week called The Pa Parole Board and expressed their interest to The 
Parole Board in regards to Parole being granted for Eddie Africa . Even 
though last week was HUGE Success we still have much work to do going 
into Eddie's scheduled October hearing even though they have not given 
him an official date for his parole hearing . Now is the time to turn it 
up and keep the pressure on The Parole Board and hold them accountable .

We are continuing Eddie Africa Solidarity week. We are asking people 
that this week October 12th thru October 16th to email The Pa Parole 
Board at Ra-pbppoc at pa.gov <mailto:Ra-pbppoc at pa.gov> and express your 
strong interest to Chairman Michael L. Green  in Eddie being paroled 
from prison . Here are key points people can include in their emails to 
the Parole Board .

(1) Eddie Africa has had an excellent prison record in which he has not 
had a disciplinary write up in 16 or more years now .

(2) Eddie has completed all the programs required to make parole

(3) Eddie has a home and employment plan set up  if granted parole

Also it is very important to stress the fact that not only are you 
monitoring the upcoming parole hearing for Eddie  but you have a strong 
concern over the conflict of interest over the fact that newly appointed 
Parole Board Chairman Michael L.Green was appointed to The Parole Board 
over ten years ago by then Governor Edward G Rendell who was the same 
man who District Attorney Of Philadelphia in the late 70's early 80's 
office prosecuted Eddie and the rest of The Move 9.

Again People can email The Pa Parole Board at Ra-pbppoc at pa.gov 
<mailto:Ra-pbppoc at pa.gov> emails can be addressed to the Attn of Michael 
l. Green Chairman Of The Pa Parole . Regarding Parole for Edward Goodman 
Africa am4974 .

Ona Move

The Justice And Accountability Campaign

For More info people can go to

Www.onamove.com <http://Www.onamove.com>

Justice for the move 9/Facebook


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