[Pnews] Judge Robert Mariani, is going to rule on whether Mumia Abu Jamal gets medical treatment

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October 8, 2015



*Middle U.S. District Court Judge Robert Mariani, is going to rule on 
whether Mumia gets medical treatment or not.The papers are on his desk.*

Mumia Abu-Jamal remains in the infirmary; his health in danger. Bret 
Grote (Abolitionist Law Center) and Bob Boyle have filed their 
objections to Magistrate Judge Karoline Mehalchick's "Report and 
Recommendation" that Judge Mariani deny Mumia's request for a 
preliminary injunction, an injunction that would order the DOC to 
immediately treat his Hepatitis C and prevent irreparable harm.Click 
here for the 
<http://www.prisonradio.org/sites/default/files/letters/pdf/objections%20to%20R%20%26%20R%20AS%20FILED.pdf> filed 

The objections filed yesterday make clear that the Department of 
Correction's is NOT PROVIDING ANY TREATMENT for Mumia's active Hepatitis 
C in violation of its obligation under the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. 
Constitution. Mumia is seeking a preliminary injunction that would order 
the state to immediately provide him with the antiviral drugs that have 
a 90+% cure rate. Defendants have 14 days to respond to the objections, 
then Mumia and his attorneys have 7 days to reply to their response, and 
then the judge rules.

You can watch the disease progress or you can cure it.

Seems pretty simple what the court should order.

Untreated active Hepatitis C is fatal in many cases.60-70 of those 
infected experience Cirrhosis of the liver. Mumia's extrahepatic 
symptoms, that is symptoms of hepatitis C that appear outside of the 
liver, have been chronic and severe: extreme weight loss, edema 
(swelling), severe full-body skin eruptions, and diabetes.

In the past year almost 1,600 supporters have raised over $96K thousand 
dollars to support the effort to get him treatment.This has been a 
tremendous effort and one that continues.If you have participated thank 
you.The link to give, or give more, is still active www.bit.ly/fight4mumia.

We are going to win, it is just a matter of how many battles we will 
have to wage, but we are on the path toward freedom and justice. This 
campaign is about justice: all people deserve ethical and effective 
medical care.Thank you for being there with us.

We will continue.

Luchando por la justicia y la libertad,

Noelle Hanrahan

*Call for Health Care Providers!*

Sign Appeal for Treatment of Hep C for Mumia & 10K PA Prisoners

An Appeal signed by healthcare providers was mailed today to four 
Pennsylvania officials: Governor Tom Wolf, Secretary of Health Karen 
Murphy, Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel, and Superintendent SCI 
Mahanoy John Kerestes.

*Please click here to read this appeal.* 

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