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*May 28th Press Conference for May 30th "One Voice for Oscar" March and 

Event:"One Voice for Oscar" May 30th Human Rights March

Date:Thursday, May 28, 2015
Time: 11:00am
Place: City Hall steps

  "One Voice for Oscar"May 30th Human Rights March Highlights Support to 
Free Puerto Rican Political Prisoner as He Begins 34th Year of Imprisonment.

Under the slogan of "One Voice for Oscar', support continues to grow for 
the May 30th March and Rally for Oscar López Rivera, a 72-year old 
decorated Vietnam veteran who has spent the last 34 years imprisoned, 
without being charged with a violent crime, instead he was sentenced 
with seditious conspiracy (the same crime Mandela was given) for being 
part of the movement for Puerto Rican independence. The March and Rally, 
which will assemble at 11:00am at the corner of 125th and Adam Clayton 
Powell. Over 100 leaders and organizations from labor, faith, community 
based, governmental and activist groups in NYC have come together to 
urge President Obama to grant López-Rivera a pardon. Oscar López has 
become known throughout Latino communities in the US and in Latin 
America as the "Mandela of Latin America".

Contact Person: Ana M. López (646) 229-5133, Alejandro Molina (312) 
296-7210, Maria Vives (914) 960-7591 and Fernando "Ponce" Láspina (646) 

Organization Name: May 30thCoalition for Oscar López Rivera
Web site address: www.freeoscarnycmay30.org

*Urgent Fundraising Appeal from May 30 Coalition*
*$5500 raised, $4500 left!*

We come from different backgrounds, but we speak with

*"One Voice" For Oscar!*

We are 13 days away from our march and rally. On almost no money, all 
volunteer labor, and supporters far and wide who have donated dollars 
and time to bring this event about we are here.

*With thousands planning on attending and hundreds who have signed on *
*we need one more push. Help us get there! We need to raise $10,000 to 
take us to the day when we rally with one voice, to let Pres. Obama know: *

Donate generously. This link works!

Visit our website and donate through the Paypal 
<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001CRzcB4bBnFV0htJjDmT_0orWW7x0C1dgvbFU4d_JEKyA36j0HCCTdeJpsPHEMj6TOiczEKPAm5PjaKbWmtIlvpGLRWIiUqyWvk_DXxoQorXeyZLT2DC4zdu1oKRAW9cWIAaFESNqalmtqX_89wepfQjvc6Wrcktg_wR5o1BWwDw_0ZiFwNF1xw==&c=9KhKwmvDrvnCGYQ_l_EpUWnh_4gh3zdsMcRvMaz2X1ZO7hBSq01Sag==&ch=1PA8J9CYl5V-W7vZ1zcDUotOgevO4ZLT9mQwJb4ar9YmbHEl5NndBw==> link 

(El Maestro Cultural Center is our fiscal sponsor). OR:
Mail checks to (and write May 30th Coalition in the memo):
/El Maestro, Inc/
/1300 Southern Blvd./
/Bronx, NY 10459/

*March guidelines for MAY 30th March and Rally*

*By May 30th Coalition*

I. There are over 100 organizations and groups participating. There will 
be a designated line-up for the marchers.  Please check with security or 
march leadership if you are not sure where your contingent will march.

II. All organizations will have banners carrying their own name and 
message about Free Oscar March;

1. For example:   "El Maestro dice presente pa' Oscar".

2. "Boricuas of Mount Holyoke, Massachusetts want Oscar Lopez Free"

III. All groups must provide marshals to the march.  If your group has 
more than 50 members, you must designate 5 marshals. Please contact 
Nepher Rodríguez at

IV. All groups and organizations marching must adhere to these guidelines.

V. All marchers will have a "A Day For Oscar" neon green wrist band.

VI. Chants are in Spanish and English.

They will be distributed in the march. Each chant is repeated 5 times. 
  Chants will alternate from English to Spanish.  Help out with chants 
and volunteer to take turns to relieve members chanting.

VII. If anyone becomes ill, please contact security team.

VIII. If anyone is creating a disruption, also inform security.

IX. For outside cities, buses will leave you at 125th Street & Adam 
Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.

X. All solidarity messages can be submitted in writing to 
freeoscarnycmay30th.org, or nycoordinator.freeoscar at gmail.com


XII. After rally, we need to clean up.  All buses and vans must vacate 
designated parking area.

After the march, all outside cities are invited to eat dinner at 6pm at 
800 East 156th Street, Bronx, NYC- Spanish Evangelical Church of the 
Bronx-Rev. Danilo Lachapel's Church

*"ONE VOICE FOR OSCAR" Gathering Locations for Contingents*

Human Rights March in Harlem- May 30th, 2015

Section 1:Lead Banner "ONE VOICE FOR OSCAR": Family, & High Profile and

Section 2:NYC Coordinador: (Sponsoring Organizations and endorsers. 
Hostos Students and Staff, too)

Adam Clayton Powell Jr.  Blvd)

Section 3:Labor for Oscar:

GATHER on 125th Street and Malcolm X Blvd, NW CORNER and up the block

Section 4:Churches for Oscar:

GATHER on 125 Street and Adam Clayton Powell, NE CORNER and up the block

Section 5:Veterans for Peace, Mumia and other Community Groups and

Section 6:23 Cities for Oscar:

GATHER on 126 Street and Adam Clayton Powell, NW CORNER and up 126th 
Street as needed

With this plan, people can find their colleagues and contingents; our 
lead contingents are front and center in front of the most visible part 
of the gathering area; we already support the plans which 32BJ, the 
Veterans, and the Mumia folks have made; and - most importantly - our 
security team can move folks in sections - from the lead contingents 
eastward, with labor following, then religious contingent, Veterans, 
Mumias, and other cities and the rest flowing out from their gathering 
points. Also security will be passing out wristbands and chants to 
marshals for distribution to groups in each section.

** Download and write a letter to Pres. Obama 

      Demanding Oscar's immediate release.

** Scholars for Oscar 

      Join the scholars, academics, and people of conscience around the 
world-including prominent figures such as Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, 
acclaimed novelist and activist Arundhati Roy, and philosopher and 
public intellectual Cornel West -who are demanding Oscar's release.

** Read "The Hands on the Crystal" Letters to Karina, his granddaughter 

      Published online by the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia.

** Contact Us 

      We are in many cities across the US.

** Write to Oscar*

   Oscar López Rivera, #87651-024

  Born/Nacido: 6 de enero de 1943

  FCI Terre Haute, P.O. Box 33
    Terre Haute, IN 47808




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