[Pnews] Seth Hayes' Health Deteriorates due to Medical Neglect - Call in this week!

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Tue May 19 10:22:24 EDT 2015

*Please forward the campaign below widely and take action for Seth Hayes 



It only takes a few minutes to make a difference in the life of a 
political prisoner and we need everyone to call.

The situation is serious.

*Seth Hayes’ Health Continues to Deteriorate due to Medical Neglect – 
Call in this week!*

Seth’s medical condition continues to worsen, and he has not been 
evaluated or treated for potentially life-threatening symptoms despite 
following formal medical care request procedures within the prison.  
Because the medical staff at the prison and Health Services of the 
Department of Correction continue to neglect his medical needs despite 
numerous calls from concerned medical providers and other citizens, we 
urge both Commissioner Annucci and Governor Cuomo to exercise oversight 
and see to it that Seth finally receives proper medical care.

**Talking points and sample letter below**


1) On Tuesday, 5/19 and Wednesday, 5/20 please call:

*Governor Andrew M. Cuomo at *(518) 474-8390 x2*

*Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci, NYS Department of Corrections 
at *(518) 457-8134*

2) On Thursday, 5/21 and Friday, 5/22, please fax (you can use a free 
online fax service like faxzero.com 
<http://faxzero.com><http://faxzero.com/> if needed):

*Governor Cuomo at Fax: *(518) 486-4466*

*Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci at Fax: *(518) 457-0076*

****Suggested talking points***
State who you are calling about and include his prisoner #: Robert Seth 
Hayes, #74-A-2280, at Sullivan Correctional Facility;

Say that you are requesting oversight of the medical team at Sullivan 
and DOCC Health Services as well as:

1) an immediate work-up of his cough and shortness of breath;
2) an assessment of his weight loss to have potential malignancies ruled 
3) modification of his insulin regimen to better control his diabetes 
and prevent low blood sugars; and
4) a physician’s order for a diabetic diet.

Please email nycjericho at gmail.com <mailto:nycjericho at gmail.com> and let 
us know what response you receive so that it can be given to Seth’s 
legal team.

SAMPLE LETTER to fax, mail or submit 

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
Fax: (518) 486-4466

Dear Governor Cuomo,

I am writing in regards to Robert Seth Hayes, #74-A-2280, DOB 10-15-48, who
is currently at Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, NY.

Mr. Hayes suffers from poorly controlled diabetes mellitus with frequent
bouts of hypoglycemia, as well as weight loss of 40 pounds (22% of his
original body weight) in a short time. These health concerns have not been
addressed by medical staff at Sullivan Correctional Institute despite
numerous requests by the patient, family, concerned medical providers, and
the general public. He has not even been prescribed a diabetic diet.

In addition, Mr. Hayes’s medical situation has worsened dramatically 
He has had a cough with shortness of breath and is coughing up blood 
tinged mucus.
He needs an evaluation of his cough and shortness of breath urgently.

I am writing to register my grave concern about the health of Mr. Hayes and
to request that he receive the following immediate and appropriate 
medical care:

1) an urgent evaluation of his cough and shortness of breath;
2) a work-up of his weight loss to assess for potential malignancies;
3) a modification of his insulin regimen to better control his diabetes 
and prevent episodes of hypoglycemia; and
4) a diabetic 

I thank you for your prompt attention to these medical matters.

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