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  Treatise on Solitary Confinement Torture and Call To Action, Todd
  Ashker, March 30, 2015

Posted on April 30, 2015 

*Brilliant treatise on solitary confinement- compelling legal, moral, 
ethical and political argument/s./ *

Treatise on Solitary Confinement Torture and Call To Action, 3/30/15 
by Todd Ashker, CA hunger strike rep, lead plaintiff in Ashker v Brown 
<http://ccrjustice.org/pelican-bay>, human rights activist, imprisoned 
in Pelican Bay SHU for over two decades /(Excerpts of Treatise below)/

      “Moving Forward: With Our Fight To End Solitary Confinement

*….*  I personally believe the prisoncrats’ efforts to turn the global 
support we have gained for our cause, against us, will fail.  An example 
is, CDCr Secretary Beards’s reliance on 20-40 year old prison history, 
much of it taken out of context, and/or, telling only one [biased] side 
of the story, which was transparently weak— for the purpose of 
dehumanizing the prisoner class- in response to our global exposure of 
CDCr’s decades long state-sanctioned “policy” of torturing thousands of 
prisoners in SHU/Ad.-Seg. cells *….*

California prisoncrats’ have little-to-no credibility regarding most of 
their policies and practices, in what is a failed, multi-billion dollar- 
fraudulent system. *….*

The imperialistic, fascist police state elitists abusive exploitation of 
the working class poor is out of control, and the only way for people to 
bring about meaningful change is to come together collectively!  This 
includes the prisoner class, which is a microcosm of the working class 
poor; with most prisoners being casualties of the class war. *….*

…[I]ntentionality of CDCr prisoncrats continual dehumanization of the 
prisoner-class is supported by more than 100 years of scientific study 
and experimentation …  From Stanford Professor Philip Zimbardo’s book, 
“The Lucifer Effect- Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.” 
…/Dehumanization occurs whenever some human beings consider other human 
beings to be excluded from the moral order of being a human person….  By 
identifying certain individuals or groups as being outside the sphere of 
humanity, dehumanizing agents suspend the morality that might typically 
govern reasoned actions toward their fellows. …Under such conditions, it 
becomes possible for moral, morally upright and even idealistic people 
to perform acts of destructive cruelty. /*….*

In response to those who pose the question: “Why should we care about 
what’s going on in prisons?” …  We, as a people, do not condone the 
torture or other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment of 
our fellow human beings—under any circumstances!  Such practices are not 
in keeping with our nation’s international-public stance of being a 
protector of human rights; nor is it in keeping with our society’s 
“evolving standards of decency.” *“*


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