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*_Join the Fight to Free Rev. Pinkney!_*

On December 15, 2014 the Rev. Edward Pinkney of Benton Harbor, Michigan 
was thrown into prison for *2.5 to 10 years*. This 66-year-old leading 
African American activist was tried and convicted in front of an 
*all-white jury and racist white judge and prosecutor**for supposedly 
altering 5 dates on a recall petition* against the mayor of Benton Harbor.

The prosecutor, with the judge’s approval, repeatedly told the jury 
*“you don’t need evidence to convict Mr. Pinkney.”* And ABSOLUTELY NO 
PETITIONS. Rev. Pinkney was immediately led away in handcuffs and thrown 
into Jackson Prison.

*This is an outrageous charge. It is an outrageous conviction. It is an 
even more outrageous sentence! It must be appealed.*

*With your help supporters need to raise $20,000 for Rev. Pinkney’s appeal.*

Checks can be made out to *BANCO (Black Autonomy Network Community 
Organization)*. This is the organization founded by Rev. Pinkney.  Mail 
them to: Mrs. Dorothy Pinkney, 1940 Union Street, Benton Harbor, MI 49022.

Donations can be accepted on-line at *bhbanco.org 
<http://www.solidarityweb.com/lists/lt.php?id=Lh8BBwAPGQZXDUhSDlADAw>* – 
press the donate button.

For information on the decade long campaign to destroy Rev. Pinkney go 
to bhbanco.org 
<http://www.solidarityweb.com/lists/lt.php?id=Lh8BBwAPGQZXDUhSDlADAw> and workers.org 

*We urge your support to the efforts to Free Rev. Pinkney!*
/Ramsey Clark – Former U.S. attorney general,
Cynthia McKinney – Former member of U.S. Congress,
Lynne Stewart – Former political prisoner and human rights attorney
Ralph Poynter – New Abolitionist Movement,
Abayomi Azikiwe – Editor, Pan-African News Wire<
Larry Holmes – Peoples Power Assembly,
David Sole – Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice
Sara Flounders – International Action Center///


I am now in Marquette prison over 15 hours from wife and family, sitting 
in prison for a crime that was never committed. Judge Schrock and Mike 
Sepic both admitted there was no evidence against me but now I sit in 
prison facing 30 months. Schrock actually stated that he wanted to make 
an example out of me. (to scare Benton Harbor residents even more...) 
ONLY IN AMERICA. I now have an army to help fight Berrien County. When I 
arrived at Jackson state prison on Dec. 15, I met several hundred people 
from Detroit, Flint, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids. Some people recognized 
me. There was an outstanding amount of support given by the prison 
inmates. When I was transported to Marquette Prison it took 2 days. The 
prisoners knew who I was. One of the guards looked me up on the internet 
and said, "who would believe Berrien County is this racist."

*New Court Date on 4 Motions for Rev. Pinkney *

*TUES, FEB. 24 1pm Berrien County Court*

*Background to Campaign to free Rev. Pinkney*

Michigan political prisoner the Rev. Edward Pinkney is a victim of 
racist injustice. He was sentenced to 30 months to 10 years for 
supposedly changing the dates on *5* signatures on a petition to recall 
Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower.

No material or circumstantial evidence was presented at the trial that 
would implicate Pinkney in the purported*5* felonies. Many believe that 
Pinkney, a Berrien County activist and leader of the Black Autonomy 
Network Community Organization (BANCO), is being punished by local 
authorities for opposing the corporate plans of Whirlpool 
Corp, headquartered in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

In 2012, Pinkney and BANCO led an “Occupy the PGA [Professional Golfers’ 
Association of America]” demonstration against a world-renowned golf 
tournament held at the newly created Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course 
on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. The course was carved out of Jean 
Klock Park, which had been donated to the city of Benton Harbor decades ago.

Berrien County officials were determined to defeat the recall campaign 
against Mayor Hightower, who opposed a program that would have taxed 
local corporations in order to create jobs and improve conditions in 
Benton Harbor, a majority African-American municipality. Like other 
Michigan cities, it has been devastated by widespread poverty and 

The Benton Harbor corporate power structure has used similar fraudulent 
charges to stop past efforts to recall or vote out of office the racist 
white officials, from mayor, judges, prosecutors in a majority Black 
city. Rev Pinkney who always quotes scripture, as many Christian 
ministers do, was even convicted for quoting scripture in a newspaper 
column. This outrageous conviction was overturned on appeal. We must do 
this again!

To sign the petition in support of the Rev. Edward Pinkney, log on to: 

Contributions for Rev. Pinkney’s defense can be sent to *BANCO* at Mrs 
Dorothy Pinkney, 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022

Or you can donate on-line at *bhbanco.org 


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