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  The Balance of Terror

by Support Crew 
Posted on January 18, 2015 

Ever since I arrived in this counter-terrorism prison unit know as the 
CMU ( January of 2012) I have heard a couple of things that I don’t feel 
are accurately portrayed to the outside world.

When these units were originally opened they housed an overwhelming 
amount of Arab Muslims (and still do). to balance out the equation and 
not appear racist or biased it is believed that many non-Muslim, 
non-Arab people were brought to the CMU’s specifically to “balance” and 
give diversity to these prison units. However true this may have been 
several years ago. This is not the reality of the CMU’s today.

The reality is that Animal Rights activists (and others deemed to have 
threatening or subversive beliefs) such as myself that have been branded 
terrorists by the federal governments “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act” 
(AETA for short) are actually viewed as “domestic terrorists”, “violent 
extremists” and “fanatical activists” by the system. It’s not a joke, a 
ruse, or a tactic to demonize the movement. It is actually how the US 
government views groups such as the Animal Liberation Front. We are not 
kept on these units merely to fill a quota in a government office. I 
cringe every time I see mention of the CMU’s in the media and then hear 
of the “balancers” that are also placed here. even though some of these 
‘balancers’ have been here over 7 years now!

The truth is that when it comes to the AETA and the CMU if you are 
convicted of it, or housed in it (whichever the case may be) you are 
deemed, considered and treated as a domestic terrorist threat. Not as a 
paper dragon or an extremist in the governments new anti-terrorist 
affirmative action program. I live here and could very possibly spend my 
entire prison sentence, a decade straight, in this prison within a 
prison. Where I have my every breath and movement monitored and analyzed 
scrupulously. I don’t say this to frighten or sound severe, but I don’t 
want those in the forefront of speaking out against these secret prison 
units or against the AETA to make light of it as if it’s all a 
government charade. Nor should they think that accounts of what it was 
like in the CMU years ago explain accurately what it it like today.

And the fact is I am not a terrorist. I think that people, anyone, that 
murders, maims or kills innocent bystanders to make a point, protest, or 
create fear and panic in the populace is wrong. I think terrorism is 
sick and evil and I have never, would never, and will never, agree with 
it. No matter what the U.S. government labels me as, or any other 
freedom fighters for social justice!

We live in a world that is currently teeming with human indignity, or 
rather the indignity of humans. I don’ have all the answers. Honestly, 
on most days I don’t have any answers. But I know as time progresses and 
world events unfold that there are a lot of problems I don’t want to be 
a part of. War, corporate greed, imperialism, racism, police brutality, 
religious intolerance, Animal abuse, Earth’s exploitation and 
devastation are all problems that holding signs and signing petitions 
are not going to change. But brutality, violence, intolerance and the 
specter of terrorism are not only the wrong way to address the ills of 
the world but are, in fact, simply new forms of the same sickness of the 
soul that has plagued mankind since the beginning.

Abdul Haqq
Walter Bond (Abdul Haqq) is in prison until the year 2021 and cannot use 
Facebook or the internet. The website supportwalter.org and the Walter 
Bond Facebook page were set up to support him.

Walter Bond is in need of donations to enable him to buy vegan items 
from the prison commissary. For more info on sending funds to him in 
prison, please visit this page on the support site: 

Here is his mailing address (he can only reply to letters that include a 
full name and address):

*Walter Bond
USP Marion CMU
PO Box 1000
Marion IL 62959*

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