[Pnews] 36 Palestinian Political Prisoners Issued Administrative Detention Orders

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Thu Jan 15 11:45:53 EST 2015

  36 Prisoners Issued Administrative Detention Orders

author Thursday January 15, 2015 11:50author by IMEMC

    Israeli authorities, Wednesday issued administrative detention
    orders to 36 Palestinian prisoners for different periods of time,
    varying between three to six months, according to WAFA Palestinian
    News & Info Agency.

The detainees include member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, 
Nayef Rajoub, from Hebron. He was sentenced to four months under 
administrative detention.

/See imemc.org/article/70207 <http://www.imemc.org/article/70207> for 
further details on Israel's administrative detention policy./

The names of the 33 detainees who received the orders are as follows:

Maher Nader Mubarak, Ramallah, Four months
Islam Abd al-Latif Hirbawi, Hebron, Six months
Mahmoud Jibril Mahamreh,Yatta/Hebron, Four months
Ramzi jihad Mousa, Tulkarem, Four months
Eid sliman abu Tahoon, Tulkarem, Four months
Yasin Dawood Abu Snineh, Hebron, Four months
Ghassan Raghib al-Saadi, Jenin, Four months
Ashraf Imran Asfour, Hebron, Six months
Bilal Salim Slhab, Hebron, Six months
Diya’a Mohammed Samour, Al-Bireh/Ramallah, Three months
Jihad Abd al-Fattah Hmidan, Ramallah, Three months
Bajis Mohammad Abu Eisheh, Hebron, Three months
Nidal Kamal Mere’e, Jenin, Three months
Fathi Mohammed Atoum, Jenin, Four months
Eisa Khaiyre Jaabari, Hebron, Three months
Shadi Mohammad Shihadeh, Bethlehem, Four months
Yousif Mohmmed Ghalmeh, Nablus, Three months
Oday Hashim Himoni, Hebron, Three months
Zakariya Abd al-Hamid Iwedat, Hebron, Four months
Bajis Mahmmoud Swaiti, Hebron, Four months
Salih Shehdeh Dawood, Hebron, Six months
Mohammed Maher Obaid, Hebron, Three months
Mahmoud Hassan Wraidan, Bethlehem, Four months
Arafat Najih Nasir, Ramallah, Three months
Nidal Naim Abu Akir, Bethlehem, Four months
Hothayfa Jihad Salameh, Nablus, Three months
Khalid Nayif Salim, Bethlehem, Three months
Fadi Mousa Ghnimat, Hebron, Four months
Yousif Mohmmed Odeh, Ramallah, Six months
Mahmoud Rajih al-Hbl, Nablus, Four months
Khader Adnan Mousa, Jenin, Six months
Amin Eid Batat, Hebron, Three months
Ghassan Thoqan, Nablus, Three months
Imad Alameh, Qalqilia, Six months
Wael Hashash, Nablus, Three months
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