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On Saturday, January 10th 2015  Phil Africa, revolutionary, John 
Africa’s First Minister of Defense, and beloved brother, husband and 
father,  passed away under suspicious circumstances at the State 
Correctional Institution at Dallas, PA. On Sunday, January 4th Phil 
Africa wasn’t feeling well and went to the prison infirmary. Though he 
wasn’t feeling well, other inmates saw Phil Africa walking, stretching 
and doing jumping jacks. Hearing that Phil was in the infirmary MOVE 
members drove up to visit him and were denied a visit by the prison. 
While they were visiting with Delbert Africa, Phil was secretly 
transported to Wilkes Barre General Hospital where he was held in total 
isolation, incommunicado for five days.

Prison officials at SCI-Dallas wouldn’t communicate about Phil’s 
condition. They told MOVE that Phil was at Wilkes Barre General hospital 
but  the hospital denied he was there and this back and forth lie went 
on for days almost the entire time Phil was being held. The hospital and 
the prison behaved very suspiciously denying Phil the ability to call 
family members or his wife of 44 years, Janine Africa, stating that she 
was not a blood relative. The hospital and prison received hundreds of 
phone calls in support of Phil from around the world. When they finally 
submitted to pressure and allowed Phil to call Janine on Thursday, 
January 8th he was heavily drugged, incoherent and couldn’t even hold 
the phone to talk to her.

On Friday, January 9th Phil was sent back to the prison infirmary and 
placed in hospice care upon arrival. On Saturday, January 10th Ramona 
and Carlos Africa were granted permission to visit Phil in the prison 
infirmary. When they reached him he was incoherent and couldn’t talk or 
move his head to look at them. An hour after they left Delbert called 
with the news that Phil passed away.

Inmates in the infirmary and others in the prison were shocked when they 
heard the news. They had witnessed his vigorous health for decades in 
the prisons, had just seen him stretching and doing jumping jacks six 
days earlier. This rapid decline all occurred while he was being 
literally held incommunicado from his MOVE family at Wilkes Barre 
General Hospital or Dallas prison or wherever these conspirators were 
holding him with murderous intent.

The fact that Phil was isolated for the six days before he passed, The 
prison even refused to acknowledge that he was in the hospital is beyond 

This is another example of how the system hates MOVE and will do 
anything to stop MOVE. You can look at the example of August 8th, 1978 
when the MOVE 9 were illegally imprisoned, and May 13th, 1985 when the 
government dropped a bomb and intentionally murdered 11 MOVE members to 
see this point clearly. When Merle Africa died in prison on March 13th, 
1998 the conditions were very similar. She had been one way in the 
prison, but within hours of being forced to go to an outside hospital 
she was dead.

Phil made a deep impression on people all around the world. He was 
constantly writing, often dozens of letters a day, encouraging 
solidarity and strength, and warmly advising hundreds of people. Phil 
worked hard to learn to paint and created countless paintings which he 
sent to supporters for free to draw attention to issues, get raffled off 
for the struggle, and bring people together. Phil took his commitment 
and work as a revolutionary very seriously, but was often smiling, 
laughing, and giving people hugs and encouragement. He was a warm father 
figure to many in the prison where he taught inmates how to box, to 
think, and how to get stronger. Despite having two of his children 
murdered by the system and being separated by prison, Phil was a father 
figure to many. He was separated from his wife Janine for over 36 of the 
44 years they were married, but he worked hard to stay connected with 
her even though they were so callously isolated by the system.

It’s this system’s  intention for MOVE people to die in prison. The MOVE 
9 never should have been imprisoned at all, and according to their 
sentence they should have been paroled over six years ago. The death of 
Merle and Phil Africa rests directly at the feet of this government! 
Phil will never be forgotten and this is not the end he is dearly missed 
but his strong example should inspire everyone to fight harder for the 
freedom of the MOVE 9 and all political prisoners .This latest 
government treachery will be the fuel needed to motivate people to step 
up the pace for this revolution .





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