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Wed Jan 7 10:24:36 EST 2015

*Dear Friends,


*Please see the letter below from Ramona Africa regarding Phil Africa's 
medical crisis, and his subsequent lack of access to any MOVE member, 
his wife (Janine Africa, also incarcerated), or anyone else either in 
person or by phone. *

*It is urgent that we all call both the prison where Phil was prior to 
getting ill, SCI Dallas in Pennsylvania, 570-675-1101, and the hospital 
where he is supposedly being treated for his medical crisis, Wilkes 
Barre General Hospital, 570-829-8111, and demand that: *

*1.  Phil be allowed to make phone calls,  and*

*2.  that a full medical report be given to his wife, Janine Africa. *

*When I called the prison this morning they insisted they could only 
give a medical report to family members.  Yet they have refused to 
provide Janine with that information. *

*When those at the prison or the medical facility repeat, as they did 
with me, that only his family can get a medical report, point out that 
we know they are withholding the information from Janine, Phil's wife, 
as well and that they are violating Phil's rights and his family's 
rights by not providing Janine with that information. *

*In the struggle and Ona Move!*

*Suzanne Ross, for the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition*

*(Updates from MOVE will follow)*



*ONA MOVE!  We, the MOVE family want to inform you about a serious 
situation concerning our brother, Phil Africa (William Phillips Africa 
#AM 4974).  He is being held incommunicado at a hospital  near the 
prison where he is incarcerated.  We have heard nothing from or about 
Phil since our brother Delbert Africa called us Sunday Afternoon (1/4) 
saying that Phil had been sent to an outside hospital. We discovered 
that he is at the Wilks Barre General Hospital (570 829-8111) but can 
get no information from the hospital.  Hospital officials are saying 
that Phil can have no visits and that he can’t make any phone calls.  
Prison officials say there is no phone in his room. A spokesperson at 
the prison (SCI-Dallas in PA. 570 675-1101)), a major, told us on Monday 
morning that  they would keep Phil’s wife, Janine Africa, informed about 
him.  Janine is an inmate at SCI-Cambridge Springs (in PA.). She called 
home and said that she has heard nothing.  I called the prison this 
morning (1/6) and was told that I could not be connected to the 
superintendent and that I had to write a letter. Bret Grote, an 
attorney, also contacted the prison and spoke with the superintendent’s 
assistant.  Mr. Grote was told that we were informed that the prison 
would be in contact with us concerning Phil.  This is a lie. Nobody has 
responded to our calls. Nobody has been in contact with us or Phil’s 
wife.  We are informing people about this problem because we all know 
that prison officials or hospital officials can’t be trusted.  The 
prison and the hospital need to feel some pressure to inform Phil’s wife 
about his condition or allow him a phone call. Thanks for your support 
in this matter.*


*Ramona Africa for*

*The MOVE Organization*

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