[Pnews] Mumia Abu-Jamal - Court Testimony Report - Fri Dec 18th - Court again Tuesday

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Fri Dec 18 18:56:35 EST 2015

*Via Prison radio

Today was historic.*

Mumia Abu-Jamal testified to a packed courtroom on the critical need for 
life-saving hepatitis C treatment.

*In opening arguments, the Department of Corrections' (DOC) legal 
counsel, Laura Neal, requested that today's hearing be dismissed. *She 
claimed that Mumia had not exhausted all of the requirements for the 
grievance procedures, and that he hadn't specifically asked for 
hepatitis C treatment in his grievance.

*Federal Judge Robert Mariani responded that it would have been 
impossible for Mumia to cite hepatitis C as he had not received a proper 
diagnosis to determine his hepatitis C was the cause of his conditions. 
_Mariani then said to Neal, "That's a tortured view of what is required 
of an inmate in a grievance."_*

Notably, Mariani was dismissive of the DOC's attempts to further delay 
relief by dismissing the trial. He sated that the DOC had "in May of 
2015 all the information at your fingertips in terms of his health issues".

_By mid-day, Judge Mariani ruled that Mumia /had/ exhausted his 
grievance process in full, and ruled from the bench against the motion 
to dismiss today's hearing. Our preliminary injunction moved forward. _

*Bret Grote of the Abolitionist Law Center and Robert Boyle presented a 
comprehensive and extraordinarily well-prepared case for why the First 
Amended Complaint, Mumia's original grievance for medical care, and the 
Preliminary Injunction should be granted.*

Bret conducted Mumia's interview through video. Attorneys Ashley 
Henderson and Nikki Grant of the Amistad Law Project advised Mumia 
throughout the day from SCI Mahanoy.

/"On April 2nd, I had just spent three days in the ICU near death, and 
back at SCI Mahanoy I was in the infirmary unable to walk one step. I 
could not lift my arms, I was too weak to pull myself up off the floor 
.... I have received no treatment for active Hepatitis C, which has 
caused my diabetic shock, extra hepatic skin lesions, and my continuing 
exposure to organ damage",/ Mumia said to Federal Judge Robert Mariani 
and the courtroom through video.

Robert Boyle then conducted the medical expert testimony from Dr. Joseph 
Harris, who noted that the standard of care for Mumia's present 
condition is the new antiviral drug for hepatitis C which has a 95% cure 

The hearing will continue on Tuesday with cross examination of Dr. 
Harris, and witness testimony from Dr. Johanna Fernandez and Dr. Suzanne 
Ross on how Mumia's condition has deteriorated over the course of this year.

Then the DOC will offer Dr. Jay Cowan to testify for their defense.

Follow us 
on Tuesday where we'll be reporting live from the courtroom.

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