[Pnews] Women Prisoners In California are Hunger Striking In Solidarity with Detained Immigrants

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  Female Prisoners In California are Hunger Striking In Solidarity with
  Detained Immigrants

December 15, 2015


Something very significant is brewing in California right now. Female 
prisoners in the Yuba County Jail are organising in solidarity with 
immigrants n detention.

Yesterday (Monday 14th December) a group of women began a hunger strike, 
joining hundreds of other detainees taking part in hunger strikes at 
facilities across the country.

You may or may not have heard about the fasting and hunger strikes going 
on in immigrant detention facilities across the country. Up and down the 
country–in the *Hutto Immigrant Detention Center in Texas 
in an immigrant detention center in the high desert city of *Adelanto, 
in the *Krome Service Processing Center in Florida 
and in *Alabama, in El Paso, Texas and in Lasalle, Louisiana 

Vikki Law has covered these as a trend. *And they are 
Collectively, the strikes are known as the *#FreedomGiving Strikes 
<http://www.notonemoredeportation.com/free-the-hunger-striking-detainees/>* and 
they were launched on Thanksgiving by hundreds of South Asian and 
African detainees at three separate facilities. The movement has grown.

Never before (to my knowledge) has the political resistance of detained 
immigrants run in cohort with the political action of citizens in county 
or state facilities. The Yuba County Jail rents space to Immigration and 
Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain people. For the first time, women in 
criminal custody are fasting with detainees in immigration custody as an 
act of solidarity. Phenomenal. Principled. Inspiring.

The Yuba Co. Jail hunger strike is led by, and in support of, Rajashree 
Roy (above). You can read a longer detailed account of Roy’s journey 

To be brief, Roy faces deportation back to Fiji where she has not lived 
since she was 8-years-old. As a child, Roy suffered sexual abuse and 
upon relocation to the United States never received counseling or help. 
By the time she was in her teens she was both attempting suicide and 
robbing and beating people. She was very troubled and the undelrying 
causes had never been addressed.

Sentenced as an adult at age 16, Rajashree spent 17-years at Central 
California Women’s Facility (CCWF). Nine years later, struggling to 
survive and feed her children while in an abusive relationship, she 
stole a garden hosepipe from a store, a misdemeanor petty theft.

Due to her priors, the District Attorney set bail at $1million and 
offered a 25-to-life sentence. In 2011, Roy accepted a plea bargain of 
seven years. In November 2014, she qualified for release under Prop 47. 
When Rajashree Roy stepped foot out of CCWF, she was picked up by ICE 
and slated for deportation back to Fiji, away from her children.

After years of silence due to shame and stigma as an abuse survivor and 
‘criminal’, Rajashree Roy has gained confidence through peer and 
advocacy support and decided to be public with her story and fight for 
herself and others.

“We are locked up together and refuse to be divided into immigrants and 
citizens. None of us belong in this cage separated from our families. We 
join the brave immigrant hunger strikers across the country in fasting 
to force recognition of our humanity,” says the staement of Roy and her 
fellow hunger strikers at Yuba County Jail.

      WHAT TO DO

 1. Join community organizers at ASPIRE, the nation’s first pan-Asian
    undocumented youth-led group, at a *fast in solidarity outside Yuba
    County Jail*.
 2. Support the #FreedomGiving strikers by *signing the petition
 3. Help *raise funds for Rajashree’s $10,000 bond
 4. *Write letters of support* to the women on hunger strike:

/*Rajeshree Roy*/
/*Booking No. 229860*/
/*Yuba County Jail*/
/*P.O. Box 1031*/
/*Marysville, California 95901*/

/*Jessica Bullock*/
/*Booking No. 235161*/
/*Yuba County Jail*/
/*P.O. Box 1031*/
/*Marysville, California 95901*/

/*Tisha Sartor*/
/*Booking No. 233892*/
/*Yuba County Jail*/
/*P.O. Box 1031*/
/*Marysville, California 95901*/

/*Kyra Beckles*/
/*Booking No. 234664*/
/*Yuba County Jail*/
/*P.O. Box 1031*/
/*Marysville, California 95901*/

/*Juanita Thomas*/
/*Booking No. 235553*/
/*Yuba County Jail*/
/*P.O. Box 1031*/
/*Marysville, California 95901*/

/*Ana Marquez*/
/*Booking No. 235550*/
/*Yuba County Jail*/
/*P.O. Box 1031*/
/*Marysville, California 95901*/

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