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Ten years ago today, I was finishing up stuffing holiday cards for my 
employer when 2 beefy men asked me if i was indeed, Daniel McGowan. Once 
I was handcuffed and being frog-marched through the office, I knew what 
it was about.
At the same time, 6 of my codefendants were getting arrested at the same 
time. Others were receiving grand jury subpoenas as well. Sadly, all the 
people arrested that day became cooperating witnesses save for William 
Rodgers, who I knew as 'Avalon', who took his life in a county jail on 
the Winter Solstice, two weeks after we were arrested.
Of course, other arrests followed in the months after that, with a 
handful of codefendants refusing to play the game. We came together in 
solidarity to fight the charges and reduce the potential sentence as 
much as possible. For that, I will always have gratitude to Jonathan 
Paul, Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher (though it would be disingenuous 
for me to not point out the latter two peoples' identification with 
esoteric fascist movements currently).
I was bonded out of jail, fought my case on house arrest for a year and 
months after that, worked out a plea that did not involve naming names 
or becoming a witness against anyone. It had repercussions for me 
including more time and no protection from grand juries (and surely, two 
years later, i was called before one as a witness and put on civil 
contempt of court). That said, I cannot have seen it going any other 
way. My regrets with the case is that more of my co-defendants did not 
stick with us and move forward together-something that had been the idea 
when worst case scenarios had been discussed years prior.
10 years later, its obvious to me every time i go to any activist event 
that many younger activists do not know this history. I suppose it is 
the struggle we all face-how to remember and memorialize, but not live 
in the past and nostalgia. I can tell people to watch If a Tree Falls or 
read Green is the New Red (thanks, Marshall Curry 
<https://www.facebook.com/marshall.curry.1>, Sam Cullman & Will Potter 
<https://www.facebook.com/potter.will>) but that is an incomplete 
picture. How then, do we, move forward in our fight for justice and pass 
on to others what we learned? Its a longer question.
I use the word "I" often in this post and perhaps others as I am talking 
about the past but at no point have I ever felt alone and not connected 
to others. Without these stalwart, loyal and amazing people in my life, 
I know with certainty that things would have gone a totally different way:
Jenny Malone <https://www.facebook.com/tortueviolette>- my former 
partner and best friend. The rock. The Wizard of Oz behind every aspect 
of the support campaign and the 'trying to keep me sane' campaign. 
My family especially my sister Lisa who funded my legal defense, let me 
live with her while on house arrest and did not waver or flinch one 
time. These people taught me loyalty.
Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan better known as FAF.
This small group worked their asses off, put on so many shows, sold a 
zillon t-shirts, made my court dates, wrote articles, supported me 
mentally, emotionally and financially, put their lives on hold for some 
time to make sure I would have a life to come home too. So much 
gratitude to all of them. I am not even in touch with all of them, which 
to be honest, saddens me but I have nothing but lifelong gratitude for 
all of them. Shoutouts to Andrew,Ainsley Belle Bowman 
<https://www.facebook.com/ainsleybelle.bowman>, Eliza Brooklyn 
<https://www.facebook.com/eliza.brooklyn>, Kitty, Corey Eastwood 
<https://www.facebook.com/corey.eastwood.5>, Sideshow,Cin Dee 
<https://www.facebook.com/cin.dee.754>, Marianne Maeckelbergh 
<https://www.facebook.com/marianne.maeckelbergh> and Ryan DC 

This article may be the best article I have seen on the topic though its 
quite dated. Check it out.


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