[Pnews] Hunger Strikers in Critical Condition - ICE Using Torture Techniques and Threats

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  Seven Hunger Strikers Sent to Medical Unit as ICE Uses Sleep
  Deprivation and Attempts to Deport Participants

/As Situation Escalates, Former Hunger Striker to Appear on Sanders 
Livestream Event at 3:00pm [watch here 


  * Theo Lacy suspends strike after reaching agreement for release from ICE
  * Otay hunger strikers resume eating after 11 days (including one man
    who continued for three days even after heart surgery)
  * Adelanto and Etowah detainees report sleep deprivation with guards
    waking them every 15 minutes
  * Etowah detainees report threats of force feeding
  * 7 Etowah detainees sent to medical unit now on 12th day of strike
  * At least four of the original El Paso hunger strikers were put on
    planes for removal and then returned to their cells this weekend
  * Krome, Etowah, and Aurora cut off calls to known supporters, trying
    to sever communication.

As the #Freedomgiving hunger strike reaches its 12th day, ICE is 
responding with varying approaches and candidates are taking notice.

At the Theo Lacy facility, 37 detainees suspended their hunger strike 
after reaching an agreement with ICE on Friday for release and parole 
within the next two weeks.

Authorities in other facilities have taken the opposite approach; 
locking down detainees at the Aurora facility, enacting sleep 
deprivation measures in Adelanto and Etowah, and threatening force 
feeding for Etowah detainees who are nearing two weeks without food.

“The fact that people escaping violence are being met with torture 
inside US facilities should raise alarms and cause urgent intervention,” 
explains Fahd Ahmed, director of DRUM – Desis Rising Up and Moving. 
“This is a life and death situation.”

The hunger strikes that have come to be known as #Freedomgiving because 
they were initiated the night before Thanksgiving are the latest in a 
wave of more than 10 facilities and 1,000 detainees refusing meals and 
demanding their freedom. Candidates took notice and were pushed to issue 
statements after DRUM rallied at the Clinton headquarters last week. 

Following that, one of the released strikers will appear on the Family 
First livestream event with Sen. Sanders this afternoon at 3:00pm to 
bring further attention to the on-going strike and push for the 
participants’ immediate release.

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