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Dear Friends,

 From George Jackson and Attica to the present, solidarity with the 
prison movement and support for political prisoners has been a core 
value of the Freedom Archives.  This past year we have been especially 
active on this front:/*

    /*— This fall we were honored and excited to help convene a historic
    meeting in Oakland of over 30 former US political prisoners to
    strategize new and intensified efforts toward the release of
    hundreds of remaining US political prisoners.*/

    /*— We sponsored an event demanding much needed and deserved
    healthcare for Mumia Abu Jamal and were joined in this effort by 
    Pam and Ramona Africa, who echoed our call to end to his death by
    medical neglect. */

    /*— “Prisoners and Politics: From the San Quentin Six to Pelican
    Bay” was a well-attended event featuring original members of the San
    Quentin 6 and author Dan Berger. We were able to pay tribute to Hugo
    Pinell, of the San Quentin 6, recently assassinated in prison. We
    produced an exclusive radio documentary, broadcast throughout the
    country, utilizing the last known recording of Hugo Pinell, along
    with remembrances by Black Panther Emory Douglas, and former San
    Quentin 6 members David Johnson, Bato Talamantez, and Sundiata Tate.
    Hugo Pinell ¡Presente!

    /*— Most recently, we co-sponsored an event with the National
    Lawyers Guild, where we were joined by former Black Panther and
    Black Liberation Army (BLA) member Sekou Odinga, who was released in
    2014 after over 33 years of imprisonment, and his activist partner
    dequi kioni-sadiki.  Also speaking were José López, Puerto Rican
    political prisoner Oscar López Rivera’s brother (Oscar has been
    locked up for 34 years), Eric McDavid, an environmental activist who
    won an entrapment appeal after serving close to 9 years of a 20-year
    sentence, and Morning Star Gali, a leader in the fight to free
    Native American, Leonard Peltier.

We know you’ll agree that this exciting work needs to continue and its 
impact deepen and grow. Our deepest hope for this work is tied to newer 
generations accessing and using our materials to broaden their vision of 
a more just future. Our many interns and volunteers learn about a 
history of resistance that also supports their work and vision.

*Preserve the past – illuminate the present – and shape the future!*

Please support us by *giving online* 
<https://co.clickandpledge.com/sp/d1/default.aspx?wid=33005> or sending 
us a generous check. Thanks.
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