[Pnews] Free US Political Prisoner Simón Trinidad - Support Peace in Colombia

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  Free Simón Trinidad  - Support Peace in Colombia

Free Simón Trinidad  - Support Peace in Colombia

Simón Trinidad, a.k.a. Ricardo Palmera, is a political prisoner, a 
prisoner of war, and a member of the FARC-EP, who  has been held in 
solitary confinement by the United States government for over 10 years.  
The Colombian government and the FARC-EP have been locked in a civil war 
for over 50 years.   A former university professor, Trinidad was a FARC 
peace negotiator who played a key role in peace negotiations in San 
Vicente del Caguan, Colombia in 1998-2002.

Peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC began 
in 2012, in Havana Cuba. Substantial progress has been made towards a 
comprehensive peace agreement.   At the beginning of these peace 
negotiations, the FARC named Trinidad as one of their five top 
negotiators.  Simon Trinidad has been unable to attend any peace 
negotiations, however,  as he is being held  in solitary confinement at 
the super max prison in Florence, Colorado.

The FARC says that they cannot sign any peace agreement without the 
presence and assistance of Simón Trinidad.  The Government of Colombia 
through one of its chief negotiators, Sergio Jaramillo, said in May,  
2015 “If you ask me? If you reach an agreement, should he (Trinidad) be 
part of that deal?  The answer is definitely yes.”  President Santos of 
Colombia has also indicated that he is favorable to the release of Trinidad.

Trinidad must be freed by the U.S. Government in order for the peace 
negotiations to succeed.

Demand that President Obama free Simón Trinidad so he can help the peace 
process in Colombia reach a successful conclusion.

Join a public informational meeting on Simón Trinidad and the Colombian 
Peace Process on September 20, 2015 at 6:00 PM at the Pozner Center, 
1031 33rd St, Denver, CO 80205.

Join a demonstration and press conference on Monday, Sept. 21st at 11 AM 
in front of  the super max prison on highway 67  in Florence Colorado 
where Simon Trinidad is being held.

For further information contact Simón Trinidad’s U.S. attorney Mark 
Burton markburtonlaw at unseen.is <mailto:markburtonlaw at unseen.is> 

or Tom Burke, National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera 
info at freericardopalmera.org <mailto:info at freericardopalmera.org> 

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