[Pnews] Submit Parole Letters for Political Prisoner Abdullah Majid

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Thu Aug 20 11:07:33 EDT 2015

Since his hearing has been postponed until October, there is still the 
time to submit letters to the parole board for political prisoner 
Abdullah Majid.

Guidelines for Parole Letters in support of Abdul Majid

These letters should not be form letters. They should be sincere and in 
your own words!

1. The letters should be addressed to Moira Meltzer-Cohen, Attorney at 
Law, 11 Park Place Suite 914, NY NY 10007, but on the top left-hand side 
of the page, they should say TO: NYS Board of Parole, 1220 Washington 
Avenue, Building 2, Albany, NY 12226-2050. You must mail, not email letters!

2. Put the date on the letter

3. There should be a subject line that says Re: 2015 Parole Hearing for 
Abdullah Majid, DIN#83-A-0483

4. Your salutation can be Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board:

5. Identify yourself, and where you live, explain who you are and what 
you do, and your relationship with Abdullah.

6. If there is any way in which you personally can help him acclimate 
and reenter society, explain your relationship to him, if any, or how 
you see yourself being able to help him if and when he is released.

7. Do not argue Abdullah’s criminal case, or discuss the reasons that 
the state or the police are bad.

8. Do include in your letter the following:

• Abdul has spent more than three decades in prison for a crime he has 
always said he didn’t commit
• The recidivism rate for people of his age is extremely low
• His disciplinary record is nonviolent and in the last decade has been 
extremely good
• He has a support system, skills, and a place to live
• He has a strong faith, and a strong faith community
• He spent his time in prison acquiring skills, for example:

- Associate’s Degree in business administration,
- Several legal certifications,
- Participated in the Islamic Therapeutic Program, including classes for 
GED, substance abuse, Anti-aggression resolution, parenting, and 
- Participation in the African Cultural Awareness Organization, 
including classes on history, sponsoring community forums on reentry 
after incarceration, and fundraisers to give back to the community
- Worked with the Lifers Organization to propose legislation on 
sentencing reform, and teaching classes, including classes for young 
adults on adjusting to prison and coping with long sentences, legal 
research, and civics.

Thank you, everyone, for helping to support Abdullah.

Remember to sign your letter. Moira Meltzer-Cohen

Email meltzercohen at gmail.com <mailto:meltzercohen at gmail.com>

Be sure to watch the video of Abdullah Majid's mother, Ms. LaBorde, 
speaking about her son.


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