[Pnews] 250 Palestinian political prisoners held in administrative detention will launch open hunger strike - issue demands

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  250 Palestinian prisoners held in administrative detention state they
  will launch open hunger strike

samidoun - August 20, 2015

250 Palestinian prisoners held under administrative detention in the 
“Negev” prison in the Naqab desert in the south of Palestine announced 
they will launch an open-ended hunger strike to defeat administrative 
detention. The statement, released on 18 August, also expressed support 
for their fellow administrative detainee, Muhammad Allan 
31, who just ended his 65-day hunger strike last night, 19 August, after 
a decision by the Israeli supreme court and severe damage to his health 
including brain damage; Allan is now again in a coma 

250 of the nearly 400 Palestinian administrative detainees are held in 
the Negev prison, among 1500 Palestinian political prisoners. Much of 
the Negev prison is constructed in tents, and Palestinian prisoners are 
suffering in a heat wave, with blazing sun and little protection from 
the elements.

Nidal Abu Aker 
49, a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine from 
Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem, is one of the leaders of the 
administrative detainees’ initiative, according to Ma’an News. The host 
of “In their cells,” a program about Palestinian prisoners that airs on 
Sawt al-Wihda radio station – the only radio station to broadcast from 
Dheisheh camp – he has spent 12 years in Israeli prisons, 9 years in 
administrative detention without charge or trial. He was most recently 
arrested in June 2014 and his administrative detention has been renewed 
four times, most recently in May.

*Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network salutes these brave 
prisoners, who are putting their bodies and lives on the line to 
confront the occupier and its continual assaults on Palestinian lives. 
We demand their immediate release, the end of administrative detention – 
and the liberation of all of the nearly 6,000 Palestinian political 
prisoners. We pledge to act to build solidarity with their struggle, and 
urge all around the world to organize protests, actions and events to 
demand the release of Palestinian political prisoners and an end to 
administrative detention.*

The statement of the 250 administrative detainees follows:

*The Battle of Breaking the Chains*

To the masses of our great people, the heroes of revolution, the fiery 
fuel of confrontation of the Zionist occupation and the fascist 
colonists, to our youth, our mothers and sisters; our struggle does not 
relent because of your sacrifices. We greet you for Palestine.

Today we face the escalating Zionist attacks against our people in 
general and against the rights of our Palestinian prisoners in Israeli 
jails, and massive harassment, frenzied campaigns of inspections and 
raids and the denial of the most basic rights of living that provide a 
minimum of human dignity. We face the continuation of the Palestinian 
division and its impact on the reality of our national movement in the 
prisons of the occupier. And we face the persistence of the occupier in 
enacting new fascist and racist laws, such as the law of death and the 
law of force-feeding which was recently passed, and the growing use of 
administrative detention. It represents a clear and explicit violation 
of all international conventions and human rights principles, where we 
are arrested for extended periods, for years continuously, at the mercy 
of a so-called “secret file,” where we have no right to defend 
ourselves. Administrative detention is a sword hanging over our necks, 
that eats away our flesh and blood and years of our lives without trial 
and without mercy.

It is used relentlessly by the enemy intelligence service and by the 
military courts. There have been more than 480 administrative detention 
orders issued, the number of administrative detainees rising to a height 
of 650 since just last summer. Most administrative detainees have their 
detention orders renewed more than once. Some have spent more than five 
years and others ten years in administrative detention over repeated 
arrests. In light of this detention, we consider ourselves to be in a 
continuing struggle of confrontation with the occupier.

Therefore, we have made our first step in confronting this form of 
arrest: boycotting the occupation courts issuing administrative 
detention orders, fully and finally, to reveal and expose the occupation 
before our people, our Arab nation and international public opinion, 
where the occupier attempts to legitimize its detention of us.

Through dialogue and discussion between all administrative detainees of 
all political forces, with the commitment of 80 detainees we began to 
act from the date of 1 July 2015, where we boycotted the Zionist 
military courts and refused to appear because they are am illegitimate 
sham. We were denied the right to access our lawyers, denying us the 
right to a defense and representation.

We view this as a step that advances the prisoners’ movement in 
confronting administrative detention, to stand up and play our national 
role in confronting the arbitrary administrative detention. Some 
administrative detainees have undertaken individual hunger strikes in 
protest of administrative detention in general and their personal 
detention, as is their right. Despite this, we view the collective 
action on a national level is more capable of creating real results to 
break the policy of administrative detention. However, the endangered 
life of Mohammad Allan since two months has confronted the occupation 
and its tools, and is threatened with the implementation of a decision 
of force-feeding. We resolve to fight against the occupation and its 
intelligence apparatus in the battle of empty stomachs, in order to 
achieve the following demands:

1. The end of the administrative detention policy against our people and 
their strugglers.
2. The support to the struggler Muhammad Allan; we will not leave him 
alone in the battle. We refuse any decision that does not provide his 
freedom, and we refuse any decision to deport him, which is another 
violation of human rights.
3. Bringing down the law of force-feeding against activists on hunger 
strike, as it represents a decision for their death and a flagrant 
violation of international human rights principles.
4. Our immediate freedom and unconditional release, as a contribution to 
the demolition of the policy of administrative detention.
5. To break the deadlock and internal division, and to unify the 
Palestinian forces for joint national action inside the prisons, 
culminating in true national unity.

To the struggling masses of our people, we face a complex reality that 
already sees a number of striking prisoners threatened with death at the 
hands of the prison administration and intelligence services. We cannot 
stand idly by and observe from afar, our will and action is united with 
the popular and national movement and support from the Palestinian 
street. We emphasize that we are with you and without your support, we 
cannot achieve our demands. Without you, Palestine will not enjoy its 
freedom, independence and the return of her children.

You and your will are great, and your participation will bring victories 
and the rights of our people. You are with us as we are fighting our 
battle in confronting the occupation, and we are inevitably victorious.

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