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I had a legal phone call with Mumia today. On that call I informed him 
of the medical opinion of the doctor that Mumia has chosen to assist in 
his diagnosis and treatment. He authorized me to share the following:
The doctor we are working with is recommending that Mumia be seen by an 
oncologist and given an occult malignancy workup, including a skin 
biopsy, in order to detect the potential presence of a hidden cancer. 
This workup should search for a Lymphoma, including the 
Exfoliative/Eczematous form of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma. This is 
especially so given that medical records obtained this week indicate 
that a CT scan from April 15, 2015 showed abnormal lymph nodes in the 
groin and around the aorta. It is imperative that Mumia obtain a 
diagnosis of the underlying condition, whatever it may be, that has been 
responsible for the severe skin rash that has lasted several months so 
that a treatment plan can be developed and implemented immediately.
Mumia told me today that prison medical staff came to see him around 
2:00pm yesterday to check his lymph nodes and tell him they may do a 
biopsy. This occurred approximately two hours after I sent the DOC the 
recommendations of Mumia’s doctor that he be seen by an oncologist, 
given an occult malignancy workup, including a biopsy, and searching for 
the presence of a Lymphoma.
I will be visiting Mumia tomorrow.
Mumia is still in the infirmary. He is no longer being given 
cyclosporine. His lower extremities are still swollen but not as 
severely as they were a few days ago he reports. His skin condition is 
the same as it has been, with a rash over much of his body, extremely 
itchy, dry, and flaking. His blood sugar levels have been stable, he is 
no longer on insulin but is taking glucophage twice per day.
Mumia sends his love to everybody.
In solidarity,
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