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*Stop Killing My Husband!!!*
*Free Mumia Nowww!!!*
*Visit with Mumia*
*& Medical Update*
Wadiya Jamal
With Great Pride
April 11, 2015
On Thursday April 9, 2015 I visited my husband Mumia Abu-Jamal at SCI 
Mahanoy, with Rachel Wolkenstein my lawyer and sister.I had seen Mumia 
in the ICU at the hospital, where he was sitting upright, hand cuffed to 
a chair. I saw the photos taken of Mumia during the visit on Monday, 
April 6 with my sister Pam Africa, Abdul Jon and Johanna Fernandez. I 
cried when I saw those photos.  But I still wasn’t prepared for how 
Mumia looked seeing him in the prison visiting room, he was worse. I 
felt my husband is about to die. ...

Later on, after the three-hour visit with Mumia, we were guests on 
with Prof. Griff and co-host ZaZa Ali. To you all who love and support 
Mumia, here are some edited excerpts and an update on Mumia’s medical 
/Co-host ZaZa Ali welcomed me to the program, saying, “We stand on 
Mumia’s shoulders for all he has lived through and persevered 
through....” She asked me to explain how the medical crisis with Mumia 
started and how he is doing./
*Wadiya*: I want to say something about what you just said… that you all 
stand on his shoulders. That meant that he is carrying you and all of 
US. It’s time for US to carry HIM. You understand? Because my husband, 
he is dying. Don’t feel no way if I get emotional, I’m feeling the way 
I’m supposed to feel. I’m not coming at you all. But I want to tell you 
that I just left that man in a wheelchair, trembling.
Mumia had to bring himself down to the visiting room from the prison 
infirmary in an old wheelchair, not motorized, had to use his arms that 
were weak and in pain; his breathing was labored.
I was in shock at how he looked. We embraced and kissed. When I saw him 
reading legal papers his hands were shaking hard. I put my hands on his 
hands and tried to steady him so he could read the information. He was 
shivering so hard, my hands were shaking as well. I put my arms around 
him and my head to his chest to hear his heart and to bring some warmth 
to his body because he said he was freezing. And then the guard comes 
and tells us “no hugging.” I was just trying to keep him warm. (Other 
couples were sitting close and snuggling.)
My husband is innocent. He killed no one. I’ve said it before and I’ll 
say it again, his only crime is he survived a severe gun shot to the 
chest and a serious ass-whipping by “Philly’s finest” and then they 
attempted to kill him in his hospital bed by stepping on his urine bag 
by flushing the poison back on him. And now they are trying to do it again.
The way my husband looks today, it looks like they are going to succeed, 
unless we get some real doctors up there to take care of him, I mean for 
real… Mumia’s life is at risk. It is execution by medical neglect and 
mistreatment… The only way I see that Mumia is going to survive this is 
if he is free, because I can’t trust any of them.
/*ZaZa Ali:* Do you think his health condition was provoked or was the 
diabetes something he was struggling with …/
*Wadiya*:  Absolutely not. Mumia didn’t have a history of diabetes. Did 
you see the picture of Mumia, before his illness, how strong he is, how 
big he is? You see the difference in him now?!! I’ve never seen him so 
weak like this in my life. You have to understand that I am angry. I’m 
hurting. I was rubbing his arms and shoulders, he said baby, keep on 
rubbing them. I could feel his shoulder blades—that’s how thin he is. I 
was rubbing his thighs and I could feel the scabs underneath the jump 
suit. Whatever this stuff is, it is killing Mumia….and it’s on purpose…
I’ve never seen eczema look like that before – this beautiful brown 
skin, and I know his whole body from his head to his toes, for his body 
to be like we saw it today and how thin and weak he is…. [See the 
pictures we took of him showing the bumps and scabs on his arms.] 
Mumia’s skin was itching and he started scratching and I said to him let 
me do it and I started patting and that eased it. I was doing it for him 
and talking to him at the same time. But he’s in pain and I’ve had 
enough children that I can feel where infection is in your body. I can 
touch a certain wound or bruise and I can feel heat – that means 
infection is there.
/[See Below for an Updated Summary of Mumia’s Medical Condition]/
/*Prof. Griff:* Is it a farfetched request to push for a medical 
specialist to check on him?/
*Rachel:* No. The prison is going to fight this, as they do everything, 
especially when it comes to Mumia. But I don’t believe this a farfetched 
request and we will get this. It is so necessitated by circumstances 
here, there has been an international hew and cry and the world is 
watching. We will get a specialist to look at Mumia and make treatment 
recommendations But given the way the prison system works, what they 
consider to be a decent diet and the standard of medical treatment, goes 
way beyond Mumia to the 2.3 million people who are imprisoned in this 
country, we need to make this a fight to get Mumia out.
*Wadiya:* They are killing my husband.
*Rachel:* Mumia opened up with Wadiya. He described and shared with her 
what he had not been able to say previously. It was extremely painful 
and difficult for this strong man, this private man to do. Mumia said 
that he thinks of himself as strong and while going through all these 
physical problems he couldn’t acknowledge, and be fully conscious of 
what was going on with his body.
Mumia said another prisoner, Major Tillery, kept after Mumia, telling 
him he was really sick, being damaged physically and emotionally; that 
Mumia needed real medical help. Major told Mumia that he was “fucked up” 
and “out of it.” Major Tillery filed grievances about the prison 
conditions leading to skin rashes. Major Tillery had gone directly to 
SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes and point blank said he needed 
to get Mumia to the hospital. Major Tillery told the Superintendent, 
“Mumia is dying.” Kerestes told Major Tillery to “take care of 
himself.”Major answered back, “taking care of Mumia is taking care of 
myself.” We just learned that yesterday morning Major Tillery was 
transferred out of Mahanoy to SCI Frackville, where he had previously 
been kept in the hole. This is retaliation for fighting for Mumia.
*Wadiya*: So they sent him to another prison without even letting him 
pack up his property. They are trying to shut him up and sent him to 
another prison for saying Mumia needs help, he’s dying.
/*Prof Griff:* What is the best way for us here and those who follow our 
show to do now and give our support?/
*Wadiya:*  Demand his freedom.
*Rachel*: Yes, demand his freedom and also demand the medical treatment 
needed. That means not only the essential but short term prospective of 
getting him this medical care, because he is threatened every day. This, 
as Mumia says is a fight not only for him, but also for all other 
prisoners. Mumia writes from imprisoned nation, being a lifer is slow 
death row.
*Wadiya*:  Now that slow death row is speeding up, as we speak.
*Rachel:* Mumia’s ability to live out his life is tied to the struggle 
to get him out. That’s something to take seriously. The state wants to 
silence Mumia. The fight for his freedom should be understood as the 
best way to save his life.
*Wadiya:* There is such a conspiracy against Mumia. People should do 
more investigating. People should know the evidence that Mumia is innocent.
*Rachel:* Mumia’s mental condition is good, alert and interested in what 
is going on. We just heard he is taping a new commentary tonight with 
Prison Radio 
on the police shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina. That is what 
Mumia is like …. And why they want to silence Mumia and continue in 
their attempts execute him.
/*Prof Griff:* How do we intercede — how is this overridden?/
*Wadiya*: We need to fight the same people who put him in prison… In a 
nutshell – they want to see black men imprisoned for the rest of their 
lives or in their graves. They want Mumia dead – sooner than later.
*Rachel:* Legal action is being started on Mumia’s behalf. Attorney Bret 
Grote of the Abolitionist Law Center <http://abolitionistlawcenter.org> 
will be filing an action in the PA state courts demanding specialist 
medical treatment and Mumia’s own doctors and has already filed a demand 
with the PA Department of Corrections. We need to continue the public 
demands and protests.
/*From Prof. Griff to Wadiya:* You have to stay strong sister./
*Wadiya:* I’m so weak from staying strong. Not only are we dealing with 
Mumia’s medical situation, but also we just lost our baby girl. Our baby 
girl is dead. In the past year, I’ve lost my mother, lost our baby girl. 
Now I’m supposed to see my husband die??? I have a big problem with that…
*Rachel:* I think it will also help to write to Wadiya, as well as Mumia 
especially in this very difficult period. Read Wadiya’s Open Letter of 
April 5 <http://ymlp.com/zxJIcO> issued after speaking at the hospital 
press conference and getting medical reports from the hospital doctors 
and prison medical staff.
Most people don’t know that Wadiya was the spokesperson for Mumia at the 
very beginning of the international campaign for Mumia in the later 
1980s and early 90s. She helped set the international stage for 
understanding Mumia’s case, his innocence and the need for us to fight 
for Mumia’s freedom. Being able to work through her pain and speak for 
Mumia is hugely important. She is Mumia’s wife and the first advocate 
for him.
Write to:
Wadiya Jamal, P.O. Box 19404, Kingsessing Station, Philadelphia, PA, 
Mumia Abu-Jamal, AM 8335, SCI Mahanoy, 301 Morea Rd., Frackville, PA 17932
*Wadiya:* Please, please, please, I beg of everybody to help my husband 
get free, because he is dying in there.
My eyes don’t lie, my touch don’t lie. I know what I see, I know what I 
feel. Things that he told us that are personal, I wouldn’t even tell you 
all the personal things that he said that’s going on with his body.  He 
just needs to be home. He should never have been in prison to start off. 
Not a day. Thank you all for opening this up for us.
We love you. Ona Move.
/*Prof. Griff:* We appreciate your coming on and we want you back 
whenever you can./
*Wadiya:* Love you back.
Wadiya Jamal, with Big Pride
Send your message back to me via Facebook at:
www.Facebook.com/WadiyaJamal <http://www.Facebook.com/WadiyaJamal>
Write to me at: Wadiya Jamal, PO Box 19404, Kingsessing Station, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 19143-9998

[There's more about Mumia's medical condition if you go to the link for 
the article]
/Check Mumia’s Facebook and the websites of organizations fighting for 
Mumia: International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal 
<http://freemumia.com> and the Move <http://onamove.com/> organization, 
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal.com <http://freemumia.com>, Campaign to Bring Mumia 
Home.com <http://www.bringmumiahome.com> for more information. /
Let SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes and Secretary of 
Corrections John Wetzel know we insist that Mumia have medical 
specialists of his own choosing examine and treat him.
SCI Mahanoy
Superintendent John Kerestes
(570) 773-2158 <tel:%28570%29%20773-2158>
SCI Mahanoy
Chief Health Care Administrator Steinhardt
(570) 773-2158 <tel:%28570%29%20773-2158>
Christopher Oppman
Director, PA Department of Corrections Health Care Services
(717) 728-5309 <tel:%28717%29%20728-5309>

John Wetzel
Secretary, PA Department of Corrections
(717) 728-4109 <tel:%28717%29%20728-4109>
Support and Contribute to the Indiegogo online campaign 
to raise money to help pay from the legal and medical campaign for 
Mumia, including costs for Mumia’s family, friends and core organizers 
to travel to see Mumia.

*[Please call the Pennsylvania Governor too.  All of these calls take 
only minutes!*]

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863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org

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