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This government has been trying to murder Mumia for 34 years. The power 
of this movement stopped his execution in 1995 and 1999, and got him off 
of death row. Now they’re deliberately trying to murder him through 
medical neglect and intentional torture. This situation is urgent and 
couldn’t be more serious. Mumia is currently in a wheelchair, two days 
ago he couldn’t stand up, his speech is slurred, and he can barely hold 
a bottle of water. This isn’t just medical neglect, this is a 
continuation of the premeditated murder that was set in place when Mumia 
was shot in the chest, was rammed headfirst into a steel pole, and was 
then railroaded through the courts and onto deathrow. Just two months 
ago Phil Africa died under similar suspicious circumstances. We have 
absolutely no time to waste.

People must treat this as if Mumia’s death warrant has been signed and 
the execution date is tomorrow, because that’s their intention. They 
have absolutely no intention of freeing Mumia, and they have no interest 
in letting him live a long life in prison continuing to be an example of 
resistance for the world. They want Mumia dead, and if they can do it by 
medical neglect they will. The only reason Mumia wasn’t executed in 
1995, the only reason he was moved off of death row is because the 
pressure for justice for Mumia was too strong. The only way Mumia is 
going to live through this attack on his life is if all people step up 
and immediately demand healthier diet for Mumia and the ability to have 
outside medical care. We aren’t asking for anything here that hasn’t 
been done in Pennsylvania prisons before. There are diets in place for 
people dealing with health problems and they aren’t even giving him 
that. Since he was prematurely taken from the hospital and put back in 
the prison where these problems started his blood sugar levels have been 
rising because they are only giving him foods like pasta that are 
dangerous with diabetes.

Their intention with all of these side attacks is to distract people 
from the main point, which is that Mumia is innocent and shouldn’t have 
served one day in prison in the first place. The sacrifice that Mumia 
and the MOVE 9 are making, and that Phil and Merle Africa have already 
given their lives for, is for the benefit of everyone. People must stand 
up and reciprocate that commitment, today. If you don’t act today his 
death warrant could be carried out tomorrow.
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