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  Torture methods used against Palestinian prisoners


Human rights organizations and prisoners' rights associations have 
observed scores of torture methods the Palestinian prisoners are exposed 
to in the Israeli prisons during interrogation.

A Human Rights Report by the United Nations listed about 200 torture 
methods; some institutions summarized them into 105, like B'Tselem, a 
Zionist organization for human rights, indicating the grave violations 
to which the Palestinian prisoners are exposed to after being arrested.

Fuad Al-Khuffash, the director of al-Ahrar Center for Prisoner Affairs, 
pointed out that torture in the Israeli prisons is divided into two 
types: physical and psychological, some people think that the 
psychological torture is less harmful than the physical one, but the 
reality is the opposite.

He added: "Torture in the Israeli prisons is systematic, and starts from 
the moment the prisoner is arrested and not from the beginning of 
interrogation. It is a previously prepared scenario, and the severity of 
torture varies according to the prisoner's case and the nature of his 
file, many interrogators play different and predetermined roles in this 

Dr. Fahd Abu al-Haj, the director of Abu-Jihad center for the captive 
movement's affairs in the University of Jerusalem, pointed out that 73 
most common interrogating methods have been observed, pointing to the 
savagery of occupation and its disrespect to the minimum standards of 
human rights.

He added: "This fact is obviously proven by the growing number of the 
cases of Palestinians who die under interrogations, last of which was 
the death of captive Ra'ed Al-Ja'bari". Haj charged that the Israeli 
torture methods are systematic and legalized by the Israeli intelligence.

He mentioned some of these brutal methods like severe beating, putting 
the captives under freezing cold water then under hot water, cuffing 
them from the back and tying them to the door or the cell window for 
long hours, forcing them to sit on chairs and beat them with batons 
until they faint, beating on sensitive areas so as to cause long term 
effects and chronic diseases.

Various types of torture

B'Tselem organization, in a report, acknowledged that 105 torture 
methods are being used against the Palestinian prisoners, considering it 
a grave violation of human rights. Moreover, a report by the Justice 
Committee of the UN described torture in the Israeli prisons to be 
"beyond the limits".

Torturing prisoners by the Israeli intelligence is based on what is 
called secret guidelines, which were approved in 1987 following the 
first intifada, which allow members of the Israeli General Security 
Service "Shabak" to practice physical and psychological pressure against 
the prisoners at a "medium" level, as it put it, providing a legal cover 
for its barbaric torture methods.

Throughout the last ten years, Palestinians were being tortured using 
methods that don't leave physical effects; instead, they were exposed to 
harsh psychological pressures causing various disabilities and long-term 
psychological disorders.

According to Muhammad Al-Kilani, an editor who was interrogated many 
times, solitary confinement for long periods that may extend to two 
months was the harshest torture method, and he confirmed that the 
Israeli Occupation Authorities have used all brutal means in torturing 
the prisoners.

According to statistics; about 72 captives died under torture in the 
Israeli prisons from 1967 out of 200 martyrs who died inside the prisons.

The first victim of torture was martyr Yusuf Al-Jabali, who died on 4\ 
January\1968 in Nablus prison, followed by scores of martyrs like: Qasim 
Abu-Akar, Ibrahim Al-Ra'i, Abdul-Samad Hreezat, Ateyya Al-Za'aneen, 
Mustafa Aqawi...and others.
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