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      Freeman Brothers Services

        Organized by: Freeman Family <javascript:;>


        THE STORY:

We are raising funds to take care of all expenses to properly send off 
our beloved Roland & Ronald Freeman of the Southern California Chapter 
of the Black Panther Party.

Because these two untimely passing's took place while they were in New 
York opposed to their respective home states in California, much is 
required to get their remains and possessions home along with the proper 
services held.

We are asking for the community to come in unity and assist us in 
completing this task. There is much to be planned and accomplished. It 
is crucial for the proper handling of our elders and their 
transitioning's. Unfortunately many of our revolutionaries have not 
received the much deserved sending off. This is a time where we not only 
honor and pay our respects but also teach and demonstrate to our youth, 
creating and sustaining an undying appreciation for those that have 
given service in the struggle, that have so often sacrificed much for 
little in return. Help us provide a memorable occasion for the two men 
that dedicated their gifts and service to the Black Panther Party and 
struggle for liberation! Please donate whatever you can to this 
fundraiser that goes directly to the family immediately. There are 
immediate needs that must be handled so everything helps.

We thank you in advance!

The family of Roland & Ronald Freeman.


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