[Pnews] Palestinian Prisoner on Hunger Strike for 53 Days

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Wed Nov 12 10:54:08 EST 2014

  Palestinian Prisoner on Hunger Strike for 53 Days

author Wednesday November 12, 2014 06:53author

    35-year-old Palestinian prisoner Raed Moussa continues his hunger
    now, for the 53 day in a row, in protest of administrative detention.

Though his health condition has deteriorated severely, Israeli 
authorities fail to address his issues, Al Ray reports.

Raed transferred from solitary confinement, in Beer Sheva, to Barzillai 
hospital following a marked deterioration of his health.

He received his fourth renewal of administrative detonation about two 
months ago.

/Administrative Detention 
is a formal method of punishment which dates back to the days of British 
Mandate Palestine, and in which detainees are kept indefinitely, without 
official charge or trial. Prisoners are often subject to living 
conditions which most Westerners would deem unacceptable, including 
medical neglect./

Local and other human rights sources have expressed concerns about Mr. 
Moussa's health, demanding authorities to intervene, that they might 
save his life before it's too late.

Al Ray notes that Raed had launched a hunger strike, previously, which 
lasted for forty-three days before suspending it last July, following 
promises of release by last September.

He has been detained since November 29, 2013, and was sentenced to an 
administrative detention which has now renewed four times.

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