[Pnews] Condemn the abduction of Delhi Prof. GN Saibaba, , by the Indian state security forces

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*Condemn the abduction of Delhi University Prof. GN Saibaba,
by the Indian state security forces!*

While the Indian state and its imperialist masters harp about India's 
overall advances and continue to portray it as "the largest democracy in 
the world", in the very heart of its capital in Delhi, on May 9, 2014, 
in broad day light, in full view of CCTV monitored by the local police, 
the Indian security forces, unashamedly assaulted and abducted Delhi 
University Professor, Dr GN Saibaba.

After Dr. Saibaba, who suffers from 90% disability and is wheelchair 
bound, was taken away blindfolded from within the university premises, 
it took a mysterious call to Vasantha, his partner, from some unknown 
location in Delhi disclosing it to her that her husband was being taken 
to Gadchiroli in Maharashtram. Since then, according to the Committee 
for the Release of Political Prisoners'(CRPP) statement, issued in New 
Delhi on 10-05-2014, the lawyers in Aheri court in Gadchiroli district 
of Maharashtra have confirmed that Dr. Saibaba has been produced before 
the magistrate and was sent into judicial custody.

Dr GN Saibaba's is a long standing peoples' rights activist. He is the 
joint secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) and one of 
the central conveners of the "Forum Against War on People" that 
spearheaded the mobilisation of public opinion in India and abroad 
against the shameful "Operation Green Hunt" - another clean name amongst 
others for the Indian state's genocidal war on the tribal people of 
India - that aims to displace millions of people from this mineral rich 
area of India and auction off the land and its resources to domestic and 
international mining corporations to exploit.

The voices of intellectuals, progressive and activist across India 
opposing this genocidal war on people not only reflects the tremendous 
mass resistance of the Tribal people such as that in Singur, Nandigram 
and the Lalgarh peoples' resistance, it also has raised waves of 
indignation from across the world exposing the true anti-people nature 
of the Indian state.

The Indian ruling classes engulfed in deep economic and political crisis 
have deploying the Indian state have adopted increasingly more brutal 
and draconian measure to eliminate their opponents intensifying 
repression across the board. It follows that the state and its security 
forces are directly responsible for war and aggression, wholesale 
arrests, inhumane treatment in captivity, torture, use of illegal 
chemicals in extraction of confessions, assassinations and extrajudicial 

During the past 5 years alone, the swelling numbers of political 
prisoners in India and those in captivity, is clear indication of the 
intensifying oppression and the desperation of the ruling classes in 
India unable to contain the rising tide of resistance and the struggle 
of the oppressed people across the country.

Today, tens of thousands including communists, other revolutionaries and 
progressive people, intellectuals, democratic rights activists, national 
and religious minorities, and people from all professions, continue to 
be incarcerated in prisons and interrogation centres across India.

The abduction of Professor GN Saibaba, comes a few days after a similar 
abduction of Jeevan Chandra, the President of RDF in Uttarakhand, that 
was carried out by security forces on May 5, for having 'connections 
with the Maoists' and calling for the boycott of the upcoming elections 
-- a typical farce to decide who will represent the fascist state in 
dealing with the endemic economic, political and social crisis and 
rising tide of the mass resistance.

According to the CRPP (a convenor of "The International Campaign for the 
Freedom of All Political Prisoners): /"//Dr. Saibaba could see this 
unfolding method in madness of the state and had called for the rallying 
of all democratic and freedom loving people of the subcontinent 
resolutely to defeat this war on the people. Every voice that demands 
justice for Saibaba and his unconditional release will be a step to 
further strengthen those convictions of ours to stand for what is good 
for the vast sections of the masses of the people and their struggle to 
keep alive those dreams for a better world free from all forms of 

We join our colleagues in the Indian subcontinent, and express our 
solidarity in struggle for the release of all political prisoners and 
condemn the reactionary fascist state in India for transforming the 
whole country into a prison for its oppressed people and national and 
religious minorities.

On behalf the steering committee of the International Campaign for the 
Freedom of All Political Prisoners (ICFAPP) we call on all progressive 
and democratic minded forces across the world to join protests against 
the abduction of Dr GN Saibaba and demand the his immediate and 
unconditional release.

Let us join together to resist and struggle for the freedom of all 
political prisoners everywhere!



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*The International Campaign for the Freedom of All Political Prisoners - 
*Steering committee

info at icfapp.org <mailto:info at icfapp.org>

10 May 2014

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