[Pnews] Palestinian prisoners’ leadership committee warns against various media reports of the results of the strike

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Thu Jun 26 15:29:41 EDT 2014

  Ayman al-Tabeesh on strike for 119 days; administrative detainees warn
  of false news


Ayman al-Tabeesh is on his 119th day of hunger strike on June 26 as 
administrative detainees reiterated that their statement on their hunger 
strike will be released following their medical treatment.

The prisoners’ leadership committee warned against various media reports 
of the results of the strike, as well as reports of Zionist officials 
saying they had made no agreement with the striking prisoners before the 
strike ended. They said that their 4:00 am statement, through lawyer 
Ashraf Abu Sneineh, that their strike was suspended and details would be 
forthcoming, was the only official statement representing the prisoners 
on strike.

Former Palestinian prisoner and hunger striker Khader Adnan 
congratulated the strikers and the Palestinian people on their battle of 
dignity, saying that the prisoners alone have the right to decide to 
strike and how to end the strike, and noting his confidence in their 
decision-making. He said that “the termination of the strike will not be 
the last battle between the prisoners and the Zionist prison 

Riad al-Ashqar of the Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies said that 
the administrative detainees had achieved a number of indirect 
accomplishments in their strike, including preserving and highlighting 
the issue of the prisoners as a critical national cause, highlighting 
the administrative detention law and its lack of legitimacy, pushing 
human rights organizations to take action internationally on this issue, 
and exposing the occupation in international forums on its practices.

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