[Pnews] Number on Guantanamo hunger strike doubles in under a month

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*Number on Guantanamo hunger strike doubles in under a month*

A new report has revealed that the number of hunger strikers in 
Guantanamo has doubled since the final set of official figures was 
released by the US authorities on December 2 2013.

The report, compiled by human rights charity Reprieve, uses prisoner 
testimony to reveal that 33 men detained in Guantanamo are on hunger 
strike, with 16 being force fed. The Joint Task Force at Guantanamo, 
which runs the prison, announced in December of 2013 that they would no 
longer release official figures of those on hunger strike because they 
did not want to ‘further their protests'.

The report also reveals that authorities at the prison are punishing 
those on hunger strike by sending them to the strictest of the camps, 
‘Camp V Echo’. One detainee described his experiences there to his 
lawyer at Reprieve: “My cell in the dreadful Camp V Echo is constructed 
in a strange manner. It is designed to torture the person who is held 
there. All the surfaces made of steel. The bed is steel. The walls are 
steel. The floor is steel. The ceiling is steel. There is no toilet, but 
the hole in the ground is made of steel.”

British resident Shaker Aamer, who remains imprisoned despite having 
been cleared by both the Bush and Obama administrations, said: “[I was] 
strapped to the bed for 24 hours except to use the toilet. The 
[force-feeding] tube was in 24 hours a day. We would be fed for 30-40 
minutes each time, with Ensure cans, two cans, three times a day. Some 
of the prisoners became zombies, as if they were already dead. I dropped 
weight to 130 pounds. I told the doctors, ‘I want to die peacefully. I 
want no intervention.’ But they refused this.”

Mr Aamer’s British wife and four British children, the youngest of whom 
he has never met, live in London. British Prime Minister David Cameron 
has raised his case directly with President Obama, yet Mr Aamer remains 
imprisoned. There is an ongoing police investigation into Mr Aamer’s 
treatment at the hands of British and US officials.

155 men are still detained in Guantanamo Bay, 77 of who have been 
cleared for release. Yesterday (Saturday) marked the twelfth anniversary 
of the first arrival of prisoners at the detention camp. Of the 779 men 
known to have been held there 624 have been released. More prisoners 
have died than have been put on trial.

*Clive Stafford Smith*, Reprieve’s Director and Guantanamo lawyer, said: 
“Guantanamo Bay has for years been a blot on the US’ reputation and a 
recruiting tool for extremists. The conditions there are worsening and 
more men are going on hunger strike, and being force fed, as a result. 
Shaker Aamer could be transferred out of there to his home and his 
family in the UK tomorrow. The US must send Shaker and the other cleared 
men home and close the prison.”


Notes to editors

1. For further information, please contact Clemency Wells or Donald 
Campbell in Reprieve’s press office: +44 (0) 207 553 8161 / 8166 / 
clemency.wells at reprieve.org.uk <mailto:clemency.wells at reprieve.org.uk> / 
donald.campbell at reprieve.org.uk

2 <mailto:donald.campbell at reprieve.org.uk>. The comments about why the 
Guantanamo authorities stopped releasing figures ofmen on hunger strike 
can be found, here 

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