[Pnews] Prisoners strike to protest Alabama prison conditions

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      Inmates strike to protest Alabama prison conditions

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Prisoners in three different state prisons think it is time they get 
paid for doing kitchen work, laundry and maintenance tasks. In protest 
of not being paid for institutional work, some have refused to report 
for work at three different facilities since the weekend.

The inmates are also seeking better living conditions and a revamping of 
the parole system. They said prisons are too overcrowded. State prisons 
are operating at almost double the capacity they were built to hold.

The protest started Sunday in Atmore at Holman Correctional facility, 
then on Monday, the peaceful protest spread to St. Clair Correctional in 
Springville and Elmore Correctional. On Tuesday, all of the Elmore 
inmates returned to work and some followed suit in Holman, but the 
protest continued at St. Clair Correctional on Tuesday.

Some inmates have posted videos on YouTube 
as part of their movement, but officials would not comment on this and 
said they are open to discussing issues about the food at the 
facilities. Posting the videos would constitute a felony charge against 
a prisoner because cell phones are considered to be contraband inside 
prison walls.

Department of Corrections Spokesperson Brian Corbett said the protest 
may not be the best course of action because some of their complaints 
are things the department has no control over, such as altering terms of 
parole and sentences. He suggested the prisoners should make lawmakers 
aware of their concerns.

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