[Pnews] From Adriana and Gerardo: To the friends of the Cuban 5 who share our happiness

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Wed Dec 31 12:58:32 EST 2014

*To the friends who share
our happiness*

/Photos: Bill Hackwell/

Since December 17 we have been living some very intense days. The hours 
have not been nearly enough time to respond to the hundreds of messages 
that we have received through many different ways. And now with the 
arrival of Gema, coming very soon, it is possible that we will have even 
less time to communicate. But it is important to us that you know that 
there has not been one day in which we have not thought about all of 
you. Today we enjoy with all of you this victory represented in the 
return of the Five to the Homeland.

The effort of each and every one of you has contributed to making this 
triumph possible. For more than 16 years the Five have dreamt about this 
happiness that we are now living. Your continued struggle on our behalf 
has made this all possible. And today, as we are showered with the love 
of our people, the gratitude for all the sisters and brothers, from 
around the world, who have supported us during all this time is multiplied.

On behalf of the Five and our families we wish you a happy and very 
successful 2015, and congratulate you on the 56th anniversary of the 
Cuban Revolution.

A big embrace,

Adriana, Gerardo (and Gema).

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