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Abdullah Majid Parole Campaign Help Needed

A comrade recently received a letter from Abdullah Majid asking for help
around his parole board visit in late January, 2015. Please help as you can.

Abdullah Majid  has been in prison for 33 years for a crime he denies
committing. After three (3) trials over four (4) years he and Bashir Hameed
(now deceased) were convicted for the murder and attempted murder of two NYPD
officers in the county of Queens, New York. Mr. Majid is finally scheduled to
make his first parole appearance January 2015, and he is asking for your
support with letters to the parole board for his release. Mr. Majid is aware
he will be faced with an uphill fight for his freedom due to the NYPD’s
unparalleled influence over the parole board. Nonetheless, he has always been
a fighter and is not discouraged in spite of the formidable forces he is up

Letters to the parole board should be sent to:
New York State Board of Parole
c/o Moira Meltzer-Cohen, Esq.
11  Park Place, Suite 914
New York, New York 10007

With your support and help we are looking forward to having Abdullah back on
the outside after 33 years with his family, comrades and friends.

You can write Abdullah at :
Abdullah Majid #83-A-0483
Five Points Correctional Facility
State Route 96
Post Office Box 119
Romulus, New York 14541

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