[Pnews] Demand that Sheriff Release Rasmea Odeh from Solitary Confinement

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Fri Dec 5 12:00:57 EST 2014

    Rasmea Defense Committee

    Demand that Sheriff Release Rasmea from Solitary Confinement

We just learned that Rasmea Odeh has been in solitary confinement for 
the past 12 days, arbitrarily punished by her jailers at the St. Clair 
County Jail in Port Huron, Michigan. She is not allowed any contact with 
other prisoners. Confined to her cell all day, except at midnight for a 
few short minutes, Rasmea can’t make phone calls and can’t receive 
visitors. This isolation punishment was initially set for 6 days, but 
when she had expected to go back to general population, it has been 
extended two days at a time, without explanation.

We have grave concerns about Rasmea’s well-being. She has not been 
eating well, due to ongoing dental pain as well as other health issues 
exacerbated by the conditions of solitary confinement.

        1. Today, please Call the office of St. Clair County Sheriff Tim
        Donnellon (810) 987-1700 <tel:%28810%29%20987-1700> [choose
        option 0],

Tell him you are calling about Rasmieh [sic] Odeh (inmate #144979), and 
ask that he release her from solitary confinement immediately.

          2. Send the following message on the county's webform

*“I am writing out of concern for the health and well-being of Rasmieh 
Odeh, inmate #144979. I urge you to take immediate action to end her 
solitary confinement.” *


In addition, we are still waiting for Judge Drain to rule on the motion 
to release Rasmea from jail 
While she struggles in the horrible conditions described above, 
prosecutor Jonathan Tukel is maneuvering to delay the judge’s decision 
on her release. After the defense motion was filed, an amicus (or 
“friend-of-the-court”) brief was submitted by the National Lawyers Guild 
(NLG), supporting the defense and urging Rasmea’s release.

Typically, Judge Drain would simply decide on his own whether or not to 
accept an amicus brief, but in this case, he has agreed to a request by 
Tukel for time to submit a government motion to exclude the NLG brief. 
This government obstructionism is a callous and shameful tactic, and 
another example of Tukel and U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade’s disdain for 
fairness in Rasmea’s case.


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