[Pnews] National Solidarity Week For Move Political Prisoner Debbie Sims Africa.

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Wed Apr 30 10:26:55 EDT 2014

Ona Move Everybody !

First, we would just like to thank all the people who took the time to 
letters in support of Parole for Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307.  We are 
upping the ante in this parole campaign and intend to keep the Pressure 
on the PA Parole Board until Debbie and the rest of the Move 9 are 
released from prison.

Since 2008 The Parole Board has played continuous games with the lives 
and release of our family. Well, Enough is Enough! The games are now over.

We are officially announcing Debbie Africa Solidarity Week which will
be taking place May 5th thru May 9th. It's this simple: We are asking that
during that week people call the PA Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 
and demand the immediate parole of Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307. Here
are some key points that you can make when you call in.

(1) Has received a positive recommendation from both the Warden and 
Superintendent of her prison for parole.

(2) Debbie has employment and housing both set up for her if she is paroled.

(3) Debbie has an excellent prison conduct record.

These are just some of the points that people can make.
So don't forget to make those calls at (717) 772-4343 

Ona Move

Orie, Mona, Anne, Margie, and Illy

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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