[Pnews] Human rights violations found in Alabama Prisons - plans for actions

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Wed Apr 16 14:37:33 EDT 2014

We in the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) have been approached by 
a group of hundreds of prisoners in Alabama who are launching a second 
prison strike this year demanding an end to prisoners as slave labor, 
the massive overcrowding and horrifying health and human rights 
violations found in Alabama Prisons, and have put forward legislation 
for successful rehabilitation and a clear path for earning parole.
These brave men and women of the Free Alabama Movement (FAM) are 
building on the recent Hunger Strikes in Pelican Bay and the Georgia 
Prison Strike in 2010, with the aim of building a mass nonviolent 
movement inside and outside of prisons to earn their freedom, and to end 
the racist, capitalist system of mass incarceration called The New Jim 
Crow by Michelle Alexander and others.

The conditions in Alabama prisons are horrendous, packing twice as many 
people as are meant to be there, with everything from black mold, brown 
water, cancer causing foods, and general disrepair. They are also run by 
free, slave labor, with 10,000 people working to maintain the prisons 
daily, adding up to $600,000 dollars a day or $219,000,000 a year of 
slave labor if inmates were paid federal minimum wage, and tens of 
thousands more receiving mere dollars a day making products sold by the 
state or to private corporations.

While unique in some ways, the struggle of these brave human beings is 
the same as prisoners around the country, and the millions of black, 
brown, and working class women and men struggling to survive a system 
they are not meant to succeed within. These prisoners need your support, 
and for you to help spread the struggle.

To do so the Free Alabama Movement along with the IWW’s Incarcerated 
Workers Organizing Committee is asking for the following:

1) For the creation of Prisoner Solidarity Committees in their local 
areas to raise money, attract media attention, and spread the word of 
this struggle to local prisons
2) Amplify the voices of prisoners by posting this and future updates to 
your website, facebook, sharing it to your email list, or with your 
contacts in prison
3) Join our email list so as to be kept up to date and amplify future 
4) Donate money to the Free Alabama Movement and the Incarcerated 
Workers Organizing Committee at

The IWW is a grassroots revolutionary union open to all working people, 
including the incarcerated and the unemployed. Founded in 1905, we have 
gained reputation in recent years for struggles at Starbucks, Jimmy 
Johns, and the General Strike call during the Wisconsin Uprising. We are 
committed to amplifying the voices of prisoners, ending an economic 
system based on exploitation and racial caste systems like mass 
incarceration, and adding our contribution to the global movements for a 
just, free, and sustainable world.

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