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Angola 3 Newsletter:  Sept. 10, 2013

  A Message from Herman Wallace

/PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Demand Humane Release for Herman! //USA 
and elsewhere 

On Saturday. August 31st, I was transferred to LSU Hospital for 
evaluation. I was informed that the chemo treatments had failed and were 
making matters worse and so all treatment came to an end. The 
oncologists advised that nothing can be done for me medically within the 
standard care that they are authorized to provide. They recommended that 
I be admitted to hospice care to make my remaining days as comfortable 
as possible. I have been given 2 months to live.

I want the world to know that I am an innocent man and that Albert 
Woodfox is innocent as well. We are just two of thousands of wrongfully 
convicted prisoners held captive in the American Gulag. We mourn for the 
family of Brent Miller and the many other victims of murder who will 
never be able to find closure for the loss of their loved ones due to 
the unjust criminal justice system in this country. We mourn for the 
loss of the families of those unjustly accused who suffer the loss of 
their loved ones as well.

Only a handful of prisoners globally have withstood the duration of 
years of harsh and solitary confinement that Albert and myself have. 
  The State may have stolen my life, but my spirit will continue to 
struggle along with Albert and the many comrades that have joined us 
along the way here in the belly of the beast.
In 1970 I took an oath to dedicate my life as a servant of the people, 
and although I'm down on my back, I remain at your service. I want to 
thank all of you, my devoted supporters, for being with me to the end.

*Keep in Touch with Herman and Albert*

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