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Ona Move everyone
I'm taking time to address a serious situation that's going on with the 
Pennsylvania Parole Board and our family, The Move 9. Since 2008 our 
family has been eligible for parole and since 2008 to the present they 
have all been denied, where some have been given parole hits of one 
year, three years, and five years. They have been denied by the PA 
Parole Board citing that they didn't show remorse or take responsibility 
for the crime they were convicted of.
First of all, our family is innocent and the whole world knows it; you 
can look no further than Judge Edwin S. Malmed who, the day after 
sentencing nine Move people to thirty to one hundred years, clearly said 
he had not the faintest idea who killed Officer James Ramp and he said 
to Move members, you said you're a family so I am sentencing you as a 
Enough is Enough
35 years later the Pennsylvania parole board, headed by Chairman Michael 
C. Pottieger and heavily persuaded by the Philadelphia Fraternal Order 
Of Police, has launched a full campaign to keep Move People in prison. 
The Move 9 have met every requirement to be eligible for parole, have 
had excellent prison records, kept down racial and gang violence in 
prisons and at least seven of them were recommended for parole by the 
wardens and counselors of these institutions.
All of this has been ignored by the PA parole board, which has only 
given consideration to the police and their word--the same police who 
arrest and murder black, Latino, and poor whites in our communities. 
They favor the word and recommendation of Philadelphia District Attorney 
Seth Williams who has nothing to do with this case. He was but a 
teenager when August 8th 1978 occurred. This is the same Seth Williams 
who allied himself with The Fraternal Order of Police when he ran for 
District Attorney of Philadelphia on a campaign of having Mumia Abu 
Jamal executed, the same Seth Williams who as District Attorney, is 
sending Blacks, Latinos, and poor Whites to jail at an alarming rate. 
These parole boards are playing games with our families' lives and they 
are being heavily influenced by these police unions nationwide. Our 
political prisoners are being held hostage illegally by these parole 
boards, which like I said are being influenced by the police.
Look at the cases of three New York State political prisoners: Jalil 
Muntaqim, Robert Seth Hayes, and Herman Bell--all three men have met the 
requirements for parole but  they have all been denied at the board 
since there respective eligible dates 1998, 2002, and 2003. Prior to 
their upcoming hearings, there is a massive campaign led by law 
enforcement web sites calling for letters to protest their parole. 
Through web sites like Dukes Blotter, NYCop.com, Copkiller.org, 
policeone.com <http://policeone.com> law enforcement officials 
nationwide have mobilized against our political prisoners. Now we have 
to do the same in exposing the police and their role of keeping our 
families and our political prisoners in prison.
In the month of November we will be furthering our Justice and 
Accountability campaign in holding these legalized misfits called the 
Pennsylvania Parole Board accountable for their illegal actions in which 
they are holding our family hostage.
Ona Move
Orie Lumumba & Anne Lamb  NYC Friends Of Move
Ramona Africa The Move Organization
FOR MORE INFO on this campaign
you can reach us at onamovellja at gmail.com <mailto:onamovellja at gmail.com> 
or rebelchild170 at aol.com <mailto:rebelchild170 at aol.com>

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