[Pnews] Louisiana must end its campaign of vengeance against Albert Woodfox

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    Louisiana must end its campaign of vengeance against Albert Woodfox


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Albert Woodfox has been held in solitary confinement for nearly four 

Following the death of Herman Wallace last Friday, who was held in 
solitary confinement for over 41 years, Amnesty International is 
launching a campaign for the release of his co-defendant Albert Woodfox. 
He too has been held in cruel conditions of isolation following the 
deeply flawed trials.

"Albert Woodfox has been in solitary confinement for decades, even 
though the case against him was based on flawed evidence and riddled 
with procedural errors. Enough is enough. The state of Louisiana must 
accept the federal court's ruling and release Albert Woodfox from 
prison," said Tessa Murphy, USA campaigner at Amnesty International.

Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace were both convicted of the 1972 murder 
of prison guard, Brent Miller. There was no physical evidence to link 
them to the crime and their convictions relied primarily on the dubious 
testimony of a sole eyewitness who received favourable treatment in 
return for his testimony.

Both men have robustly denied any involvement in the crime. They believe 
they were falsely implicated in the murder because of their political 
activism in prison as members of the Black Panther Party.

Earlier this year a federal judge overturned the conviction. However 
Albert Woodfox continues to languish in prison after the state of 
Louisiana appealed against his release.

During the legal process that has spanned four decades, Albert Woodfox's 
conviction has been overturned three times.

"Were it not for the state of Louisiana's dogged determination to appeal 
against these rulings, Albert Woodfox would almost certainly be a free 
man by now," said Tessa Murphy.

Herman Wallace was released last week just days before he died of liver 
cancer. A federal judge who overturned his conviction said it would hold 
the state in contempt of court if they did not release Herman immediately.

For most of the last four decades, Albert Woodfox has been confined to a 
small cell for 23 hours a day, denied access to meaningful social 
interaction and rehabilitation programmes.

Prison records show that Albert has not committed any serious 
disciplinary infractions for years and that he doesn't pose a threat to 
himself or others.

"Nothing can justify the cruelty that the state has inflicted on Albert 
Woodfox," said Tessa Murphy "After an unsafe conviction and 40 years of 
cruel treatment, he must now be allowed his freedom."

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