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      Resistance to Torture is not a Game

A reply to Debra J. Saunders from the NCTT in COR - SHU

"Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man, its publication 
is a duty."
  Anne Louise Germaine de Staël

Here's how you know corporate mass media journalists like /San Francisco 
Chronicle/ columnist Debra J. Saunders are simply the public mouthpieces 
of the state's authoritarian apparatus:  the U.S. Prison Industrial 
Complex has been maintaining the single largest domestic torture program 
on planet Earth in SHU torture units across the nation, with 12,000 of 
its 80,000 victims in California and instead of every investigative 
reporter in the nation researching and reporting on the existence of 
systematic torture in U.S. prisons it barely gets a mention in 
mainstream media and when it does, it is nothing more than a recycled 
version of the same distortions and mischaracterizations issued by the 
very prison administrators responsible for the inhuman practice.  
Because of the blatant distortions and outright lies contained in the 
Op-Ed piece masquerading as "journalism" such as Debra J. Saunders 
"Prison Hunger Strike Is a Dangerous Game" (S.F. Gate 
8/23/13), we feel compelled to correct them with the truth.

A good place to begin this discussion, because it was so thoroughly 
mocked by Ms. Saunders and CDCR masters, is settling once and for all 
the fact that indeterminate SHU confinement is torture, and why.  It is 
a three-prong, systematic process including "validation, indeterminate 
SHU confinement, debriefing," which taken together is by definition 

Let us first define torture. The U.N. Convention Against Torture (C.A.T) 
<http://www.un.org/documents/ga/res/39/a39r046.htm> of which the U.S. is 
a signatory, defines "torture" in Article 1 as,

"Any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, 
is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purpose as obtaining 
from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him 
for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having 
committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person or for any 
reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering 
is inflicted by or at the instigation of, or with the consent of a 
public official or other person acting in an official capacity."

Let's begin with, "Any act which pain or suffering, whether physical or 
mental, is intentionally inflicted..."

The body of evidence cataloging the severe mental pain irreparable 
physical and psychological damage of prolonged and indefinite sensory 
deprivation confinement is so overwhelming, so irrefutable that it 
stretches back over 100 years in U.S. science and jurisprudence alone.  
In 1890, the Supreme Court ruled, /In Re Medley 
the court observed of the practice,

"A considerable number of prisoners fell, after even a short 
confinement, into a semi-fatuous condition, from which it was next to 
impossible to rouse them, and others became violently insane; others 
still committed suicide, while those who stood the ordeal were 
non-reformed, and in many cases did not recover sufficient mental 
activity to be of subsequent service to the community."
(U.S. Supreme Court, /In Re Medley 
134 U.S. 160, 168  (1890) ). In Great Britain, as in other countries, 
public sentiment revolted against this severity, and by the Statute of 6 
and 7, William IV, Chapter 3, the additional punishment of solitary 
confinement was repealed.  (/In Re Medley 
134 U.S. 160, 168, 170 (1890))."

Experts in the field of psychology, psychiatry and human behavior from 
Bonnie Kerness, Craig Haney, to Doctor Stuart Grassian have universally 
determined even brief stays in sensory deprivation confinement causes 
significant psychological injury:

To quote Craig Haney of U.C. California, Santa Cruz,

    "There is not a single published study of solitary or super-max-like
    confinement in which non-voluntary confinement lasting longer than
    ten (10) days, where participants were unable to terminate their
    isolation at will, that failed to result in negative psychological
    effects, including such clinically significant symptoms as
    hypertension, uncontrollable anger, hallucinations, emotional
    breakdowns, and suicidal thoughts and behavior." 

The SHU torture units in California were uniquely designed for this 
purpose, and as CDCR spokesperson, disguised as a journalist, Debra. J. 
Saunders, seeks to reduce prisoners' legitimate resistance to indefinite 
torture to "a game", men like Billy "Guerro" Sell and Armando "Baby 
Paya" Morales are being driven to hang themselves right here in Corcoran 
SHU because these conditions in fact do intentionally inflict mental and 
physical pain and suffering of such severity that men kill themselves to 
escape it.

50% of all California prisoner suicides occur in SHU, though it houses 
only 5% of the prison population. The cause of this disproportionately 
lethal impact has been crucial and articulated by experts in the field 
ad-nauseum, with universally agreed-upon findings, that long-term SHU 
confinement causes severe mental and physical suffering amounting to 
cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or...torture.  Instead of relying 
on the overwhelming body of  scientific evidence and the leading 
psychological experts in the field of solitary and supermax-style 
confinement -- CDCR groupies -- like Debra J. Saunders rely on baseless 
opinions and outright lies of prison industrialists like Jeffrey Beard, 
who say that neither solitary confinement or torture exist in California.

In an August 13, 2013 /Rolling Stone 
article, citing the California Penal Code definition of torture, CDCR 
spokesperson Terry Thornton claimed this penal code didn't fit the 
definition of torture, "The intent to cause cruel or extreme pain and 
suffering for the purpose of revenge, extortion, persuasion, or for any 
sadistic purpose."

Oh, but it does fit that definition and countless personages over the 
last 100 plus years have reported just that. But before we get into the 
"purpose" aspect of SHU, we think it's important for us to analyze the 
psychosis, which seeks to justify and has always sought justification 
for this type of inhumanity.

Authoritarian powers of the world, and those who support them, like 
Debra J. Saunders, have always cloaked their dehumanization and abuses 
of certain segments of the population in the name of "the law," 
"nature," and in some cases, "God." The U.S. since its inception has 
been a nation founded upon the patriarchal authoritarian mass 
psychology, The cultural foundation of reactionary man in which the 
values, cultural mores and ideas of the ruling elite are reproduced in 
those they exploit. For centuries it was illegal for women to own 
property, vote, or have any meaningful control over their daily lives, 
their bodies, or their futures. When women resisted this patriarchal 
enforcement of their second-class citizenship, they were brutalized, 
jailed, reviled, and often killed.

Though the intimate oppression of women finds its origins in the 
development of the modern family unit, the economic role women played as 
sexual and domestic chattel, is equitable in most men's minds to any 
other valued beast (cattle, sheep, horses, etc). This oppression was 
enforced with biblical scripture which cloaked women's subjugation in 
"the word of God". Laws flowed directly from the pulpits that mirrored 
the same. After centuries of resistance and progress this same 
patriarchal authoritarian mass psychology responsible for 19th century 
sexism, misogyny and brutality of women is the same psychosis 
responsible for its modern perpetration, and the creation of torture 
units across the U.S. prison industrial complex.

The same authoritarian psychosis which rationalized the systematic 
genocide of over 50 million Native North Americans as "the white man's 
burden" in service to Amerika's "Manifest Destiny/," is the same 
authoritarian psychosis/ that pits prisoners against prisoners in 
gladiator fights in Corcoran SHU, and boiled them alive in Pelican Bay 
SHU; /is the same authoritarian psychosis/ that invoked biblical 
"scripture" and "the law" to justify enslaving 100's of millions of 
Afrikans in Amerika and murdering 100's of millions more during the 
trans-Atlantic slave trade; /is the same authoritarian psychosis/ 
responsible for Jeffrey Beard reducing tortured prisoners' peaceful 
hunger strike to end indefinite torture, to a "gang  power play"; /is 
the same authoritarian psychosis/ which stripped Jews in Europe of their 
rights under Nazi occupation before marching them to extermination 
camps; /is the same authoritarian psychosis/ responsible for Debra J. 
Saunders advocating that the label "gang member" is a justification for 
the U.S. prison industry to erect the largest domestic torture program 
on the face of the earth.

The authoritarian psychosis of reactionary men and women is infinitely 
capable of rationalizing its own evil and justifying it under "the rule 
of law." The CDCR spokesperson, Terry Thornton, can bluntly say torture 
isn't torture, and somehow convince herself of the delusion that it /is 
the same way/ the Victorian-era preacher convinces himself the repressed 
woman is "happy," docile and joyous in her submission, and it /is the 
same way/ the union soldier convinces himself he is "doing the  native 
savages a kindness by resettling them on a reservation to be taught the 
proper ways of civilization; /is the same way/ the prison industry 
convinces themselves that the prisoner who "bed checked" in the same 
tiny cell for years, decades, deserves it because he is a validated 
prisoner; and /it is the same/ as the District Court Judge today who 
convinces himself that the SHU prisoner has no 8th Amendment rights to 
be free of torture.

At Corcoran SHU there is a forced double-celling policy. The legal 
minimum requirement for the amount of cell space for two people in one 
cell is 60 square feet. In Corcoran SHU cells, because the beds sit next 
to each other here, there is no more than 15 square feet for two people. 
The toilet is less than 2 feet from the bed. The toilets are on metal 
and stick out into that space. Only 3 flushes are allowed every 12 
minutes.  It is common for the cell and tier to reek of feces, including 
during morning and evening meals. We routinely have our yard privileges 
taken away and find ourselves regularly confined to the cells 24 hours a 
day almost every single day for weeks.

The c/o's (correctional officers) also function under the same warped 
psychosis of the patriarchal authoritarian mass psychology. It is a 
psychosis, which is cultural in capitalist society and all 
encompassing.  In each case, dehumanization plays a central and 
necessary role in the function of the psychosis. To inflict inhumane 
treatment on another human, the mind forces the perpetrator to 
dehumanize the subject of his or her cruelty. In this instance, the 
justification for our dehumanization is the label "violent gang 
member".  As some read these words, a part of your mind is automatically 
and irrationally skeptical and repulsed by anything, no matter how noble 
or correct you may feel you are, associated with the term "violent gang 
member," and that's because you've been conditioned that way over the 
course of the past 35 years.

In that same time period, the U.S. prison population has exploded by 
800%!  A monolithic, multi-billion dollar prison industrial complex has 
spread its tendrils into almost every aspect of economic, social, 
political, and cultural life in AmeriKa. SHU torture units have sprouted 
up in almost every state in the union, with more and more human beings 
consigned to them indefinitely for ever more arbitrary and nonsensical 
reasons, all fueled by your tax dollars and political will. They 
accomplished this the same way they accomplished the invasion of Iraq, 
by telling you enough lies, enough times, with sufficient intensity that 
in your mind it's taken on the aura of truth. Even though it's a lie.

This brainwash has gone on so long that it's now become the standard "go 
to" narrative of CDCR. Reality, veracity and common sense have little 
place in that narrative.  It is designed to frighten you by dehumanizing 
you, and by doing so they create the social illusion that you and I are 
separate and adversarial entities; that we lie outside the legal 
definition of "person," as though we did not come from and will not 
return to the same communities you now live in; the same communities our 
mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, children and kin live and pay taxes 
in, right alongside you. It's both insidious and evil, and more to the 
point, prohibits a basis for torture.

*We'd like to elaborate*:

On August 23, 2011, former CDCR Under-Secretary, Scott Kernan, in 
response to several psychiatrists and psychologists' expert testimony 
that indefinite SHU confinement was a violation of international 
standards prohibiting torture, responded, "The real human rights 
violation is the violence the gangs carry out." This is the identical 
narrative of every CDCR spokesperson, official, and administrator, at 
present.  Current CDCR spokesperson Terry Thornton, who, in some of the 
most warped logic we've ever seen, put into print, stated in the wake of 
Billy "Guerro" Sell's  alleged suicide here at Corcoran that the 
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition activists and Billy's family 
members were somehow "exploiting his death"  in order to "mislead the 
public: about a hunger strike orchestrated by violent gang members."  As 
previous analysis has already established, suicide is often employed to 
escape the torture of the SHU. 50% of all prison suicides occur in SHU, 
though only 5% of the prison population is housed there.  Implicit in 
such statements is, "So what?   We're torturing them, they are "violent 
gang members," so why should anyone care?"

This very rationale is prohibited under C.A.T., Article 2 
<http://www.un.org/documents/ga/res/39/a39r046.htm>; and the Convention 
Against Torture, states, "No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, 
whether a state of war or threat of war, internal political instability, 
or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of 
torture," / /that includes the label "violent gang member." When the 
U.S. signed C.A.T. <http://www.un.org/documents/ga/res/39/a39r046.htm> 
at the close of WWII they were conscious of this type of dehumanization, 
as they had just witnessed it in liberating the Nazi death camp footage; 
so inflicting it on their own citizens within their own borders proves 
the acts intentional.  We have established that indefinite SHU 
confinement causes "severe pain and suffering, both physical and mental."

We have established that CDCR officials are actually aware of this, 
which brings us to the *"purpose"* aspect of the torture definition. 
CDCR has stated on multiple occasions, the purpose of indefinite SHU 
confinement is to "administratively segregate gang members from the 
general population so the other 95% of prisoners can program without the 
violence of gang members." Since the beginning of the validation - 
indeterminate SHU - debriefing process in the mid 1980s, violence in 
CDCR facilities only increased exponentially. So this is either an 
outright lie, or "gang members" are not the origin of prison violence. 
This fact was one of the many contradictions former Undersecretary 
Kernan was confronted with by legislators at the August 23, 2011 Public 
Safety Committee Hearings 
in Sacramento, concerning the CDCR practice of "administrative 
segregation" which in actuality, does not necessitate indefinite 
confinement in SHU torture units. If indefinite confinement in solitary 
was truly not the aim of prison officials, a standard level IV 180 
design prison yard setting exclusively housing "validated prisoners" 
could serve the same end for $24,000 less per prisoner per year.

Current costs per year are $78.000 per prisoner to house men in SHU, but 
only $54,000 per prisoner to house men on a normal level IV 180 design 
yard, annually.

No, the true purpose of indefinite SHU confinement is to break men's 
minds; to coerce them through punitive sanctions to debrief; to provide 
information on yourself and/or others to prison officials; to become a 
state informant; to snitch. This process has been articulated, its 
etiology explained, its key architects named, in the NCTT-COR-SHU 
article, "Creating Broken Men 
The process is further analyzed in the article "Creating Broken Men 2 
<http://www.ncttcorshu.org/2013/03/creating-broken-men-pt-2.html>" and 
mentions its current evolution in CDCR's STG Pilot Program.

We encourage you all to review them at www.sfbayview.com 
<http://www.sfbayview.com/> or ncttcorshu.org <http://ncttcorshu.org/>  
or in the newsletter /Prison Focus/ #39 
<http://prisons.org/documents/CPF-39.pdf>, available on line at 
www.prisons.org <http://prisons.org/documents/CPF-39.pdf> along with the 
inspired thoughts by the many prisoners who have written on these issues.

However, we can illustrate the CDCR's methods briefly by using CDCR's 
own language:  Article 22 of the Department Operating Manual 
of their governing "gang management" system.  In D.O. M. 
(52970.5), CDCR states their gang management strategy shall be to 
identify gang affiliated inmates and parolees; ...take interdiction 
action, and apply sanctions."   In D.O.M. 
(52070.5.4) "Gang activity sanctions: "inmates... in violation of 
criminal and administrative statutes shall be dealt with in the 
strictest possible...manner.  This shall include, but not be limited to 
loss of privileges, increase in custody, loss of work credits (/read: 
loss of parole/), enhancement of penalties; segregation from the inmate 
general population (/read: indefinite solitary/sensory deprivation 

Let's stop for a moment; the language here is grossly misleading at its 
outset. The disturbing truth is, though CDCR uses language like "violent 
gang members" and  "violation of criminal and administrative statutes", 
very few, if any "validated" prisoners were consigned to SHU for 
committing any act.  It is these alleged "administrative statutes" -- 
the arbitrary standard -- that allows this.  "Validation" is not, nor 
has it ever been about "behavior."

The violent crimes that Debra J. Saunders definitively attaches to the 
D. Short Corridor Main Reps occurred 20 -- 40 years ago.  Are any of us 
the same persons that we were two (2) decades ago?  Of course not.  Most 
validated prisoners have had no rules violations of any kind in years -- 
or even decades. The "validated " gang theory is predicated not on what 
you have done, but instead, like in the Tom Cruise Dystopian film, 
"/Minority Report/," you are punished for what officials believe you may 
do; that just their suspicion that you are a so-called "gang member" is 
sufficient to determine you are predisposed to inevitably carry out an 
act of violent crime.  Such a systematic process in a supposed "open and 
democratic society" should horrify and outrage every citizen. Yet these 
dubious "gang activity sanctions" have been codified in CDCR 
regulations, "calculated to force an individual or group of individuals 
to comply with an obligation or submit to that authority, state or group 
of states; (2) a coercive provision of law or penalty designed to 
enforce obedience."  In each case we see "sanctions" equated with force. 
But what is the end in this case?

We find out answer in D.O.M. 
52070.29.2  "Role and Responsibility of the Gang Intelligence 
Operations. Debriefing Team," which states, "the primary objective of 
the team shall be to debrief validated prison gang members housed in the 
SHU."  Here we see "validated prisoners in the SHU" are identified as 
the primary focus of debriefing efforts by CDCR. The purpose provision 
of the torture definition under C.A.T., article 1 states:  "pain 
suffering... intentionally inflicted on a person for such purpose as 
obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, 
punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is 
suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a 
third person... When such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the 
instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official 
or other person acting in an official capacity."  This is the very 
definition of debriefing.  "To learn enough about the subject and the 
object's current gang (D.O.M. 
52070.19.2)..Information obtained during a debriefing shall be 
documented on...a debriefing report." (D.O.M. 
52070.19.8) Validation/indeterminate SHU confinement/debriefing is all 
about gathering information, coercing the subject to become an informant 
on others (a third person), and this becomes a tool of the state. This 
is unequivocally torture by any definition.

Any narrative to the contrary, be it asserted by CDCR groupies like 
Debra J. Saunders or a CDCR spokesperson like Terry Thornton, you now 
know what you are hearing is sick people trying to justify torture.

The representation of "lies as truth" and the employment of 
state-controlled journalists to give those lies the air of legitimacy 
has always been the preferred method of the authoritarian order to 
maintain cultural hegemony, and the August 24, 2013, article by Debra J. 
Saunders is a prime example of this process.  Here we have a collection 
of completely uncorroborated sound bites by CDCR officials and outright 
lies being presented by a so-called journalist that has made no effort 
to verify the truth of any of her "fun SHU facts". Obvious 
contradictions are often the first indication of state duplicity.  Ms. 
Saunders opens this pro-CDCR Op-ed piece (It is not serious journalism) 
by castigating the commitment of hunger strikers by noting participation 
went from 30,000 persons to 79 persons in 16 days, then 4 paragraphs 
later puts forward the absurd contradiction that so-called "gang 
leaders" have coerced everyone with threats to go without food. The 
truth is repression breeds resistance. We're discussing indefinite 
torture. No one requires compulsion to resist torture, or the prospect 
of the same happening to them.  That CDCR, with the aid of irresponsible 
journalists like Ms. Saunders, were able to "force feed" that 
contradiction to Judge Henderson does not lend that false narrative any 

U.S. Courts have allowed this torture to continue in numerous cases for 
over 30 years knowing full well all the actual facts articulated in this 
piece, in consistent support of prison officials maintaining SHU torture 
units. Taking judicial steps to neutralize the lethal component is in 
the interest of the State, of which the Courts are a part.  A convenient 
lie was floated devoid of any verifiable evidence, it was accepted by 
the judge, and he pulled the fangs from the hunger strike. This tripe by 
Ms. Saunders is no more journalism than is "/The National Inquirer/."  
One of the standards of American journalism is to always verify sources; 
"facts."  The entirety of the "article" posted on /SFGate/, is to 
justify CDCR employees telling Deborah J. Saunders one unsubstantiated 
lie after another, and Ms. Saunders just putting it into print without 
bothering to verify it, or if any of this even occurred.

Joyce Hayhoe, of the Federal Receiver's Office, allegedly told Ms. 
Saunders one hunger striker would take food "if he could hide it" and 
yet another would eat "if he could be transferred"; yet neither Ms. 
Saunders nor anyone at the /SFGate/ site bothered to contact, or even 
identify, these alleged prisoners to verify this, or if they even exist. 
Saunders quotes CDCR as reporting that "a hunger striking prisoner 
assaulted his cellmate who refused to share food," yet the columnist did 
not seek to verify the existence of either prisoner, or even if such an 
incident occurred. This far surpasses irresponsible reporting, and is a 
smear piece masquerading as journalism, which is equitable to some state 
official telling a journalist that Barak Obama is really a member of the 
Taliban, that journalist having printing up the story, and the newspaper 
publishing it, with no attempt to verify this with either Barak Obama or 
the Taliban. That "journalist" would be fired, and rightfully so.

Debra Saunders goes on to state that CDCR employees gave all hunger 
strikers "Gatorade and vitamins", but no such thing occurred here at 
Corcoran. If a hunger striking prisoner accepted Gatorade here, it would 
take you off the hunger strike. Officers not only /did not/ make daily 
rounds to see who needed medical attention, but custody staff went out 
of their way to not offer strikers any attention. It was the exclusive 
province of CCHCS medical staff and they were instructed by Chief 
Medical Officer, J. Wang, to /ignore/ the CCHCS mass hunger strike, 
fasting, and re-feeding care policy (IMSP&P, vol 4,Chapt.22.2 
<http://www.cphcs.ca.gov/docs/imspp/IMSPP-v04-ch22.1.pdf>).  Daily 
rounds, consisted of nothing more than a nurse with a clipboard coming 
by your door and asking, "are you still on a hunger strike?," then 
walking away. That's it.

We have 4 appeals with documentation of /intentional/ medical 
neglect/deliberate indifference, by COR-SHU medical staff toward hunger 
strikers here. You would appear very thin, in the face of the July 28th, 
2013, 68 page Corcoran State Prison Health Care Evaluation Report 
<http://www.cphcs.ca.gov/docs/court/Plata-Expert-Report-COR.pdf> condemning 
Corcoran CCHCS as the worst in the state, that she would make some 
effort to determine /if/  "care" for prisoners was actually what CDCR 
was "reporting" it was. But again, that would imply serious journalism, 
and that's simply not what we're discussing here.

*Here are some NOT so fun facts about SHU:*

    * SHU does constitute "extreme isolation:, with or without a
      cellmate, as the conditions of sensory deprivation confinement,
      enforced idleness, sharing a space barely large enough for one
      person, let alone 2 (the physical structure of Corcoran-SHU cells
      affords even less room), and the inescapable psychological
      degradation that accompanies the horrifying realization that /you
      will never get out/ of this tiny, monotonous, sterile space is
      universally experienced. None of this is mitigated (and is often
      exacerbated) by having a cellmate.  SHU is torture; SHU is extreme
      isolation, and that must be judged by its effects (which are
      objective and quantifiable), not by the sarcastic commentary of a
      CDCR groupie's opinions, who could  not begin to fathom, let alone
      accurately report on, what a day in SHU is like.

    * According to the information CDCR spokesperson Terry Thornton
      provided Debra J. Saunders (accounting for its dialectic), 50% of
      Tehachapi SHU prisoners are in solitary confinement; 60% of New
      Folsom SHU prisoners are in solitary confinement; 65% of Corcoran
      SHU prisoners are in solitary confinement' and 90% of Pelican Bay
      SHU prisoners are in solitary confinement  - and at the same time,
      she continues to insist, there are no prisoners in solitary
      confinement in California.

    *   SHU prisoners can purchase a small, 13" TV or am/fm radio, at
      their own expense. There is no "cable TV" in Corcoran SHU, and the
      reception fed to us from the antenna is so poor, you're lucky to
      get 5 of 13 local stations they air to come in clear at any given
      time.  Corcoran needs cable service.  In other SHU torture units
      that may have a few cable stations, it's due to the remote
      locations of these prison. Cable service is the only way you'll
      get any TV reception at all (like Pelican Bay).  All TV
      programming, equipment, and service is paid for in full by
      prisoners from our Inmate Welfare Fund, not the state. As you read
      this, COR-SHU prisoner Reps are seeking to negotiate
      with the Corcoran administration to pay for our own wireless cable
      channels from our IWF, which is managed badly by the State.)

    * SHU prisoners, with enough money, can pay to earn a degree; and
      this opportunity is only as a result of concessions realized after
      the 2011 hunger strike.  Prior to this, SHU prisoners were not
      allowed access to any education at all.  If you don't have the
      thousands of dollars to pay for college courses, you will remain
      without it, and as woefully uneducated and unemployable as when
      you arrived in SHU, just as CDCR likes it.

    * In SHU, your mail is screened, and routinely withheld, by I.G.I.
      staff. Should they take exception with your political views,
      artwork, culture, or most anything they choose, your mail will be
      confiscated and you'll be subjected to even more punitive
      sanctions by CDCR.

    * You can receive visits with your family on weekends; behind a
      thick pane of glass, talking over a telephone in the wall, for
      only an hour -- no human contact. SHU torture units are by design,
      situated in remote, rural areas of California, far from the urban
      centers most SHU prisoners hail from, which makes visits difficult
      to impossible for most SHU prisoners to get any outside contact at

In the final analysis, misinformation disseminated by pro-torture 
activists like Debra J. Saunders moves beyond the realm of 
"irresponsible journalism": and into active support for systemic 
torture. In U.S. capitalist culture, the news is a powerful tool of the 
ruling class and the State to a degree that misinformation is now par 
for the course, but that doesn't make it correct. Misusing it in such a 
way as to justify a practice dependent on dehumanizing and brutalizing 
other humans to achieve its ends, is neither "objective" nor in the 
public interest.

When such reporting is grounded in lies, intentional distortions, and 
rampant mischaracterizations, it becomes complicity in these human 
rights abuses themselves. Article 4, section 2 of C.A.T. 
<http://www.un.org/documents/ga/res/39/a39r046.htm> states in part, 
"Each State party shall ensure that all acts of torture are offences 
under its criminal law (and) shall apply to an attempt to commit torture 
and to any act by any person which constitutes complicity...in 
torture."  This "article" by Debra J. Saunders places her in violation 
of article 4, section 2 of C.A.T. and makes her complicit in torture.  
If there is any justice in this world, when pro-torture prison 
industrialists are judged by the people, Debra J. Saunders and her ilk 
will be right with them. For now, history has already judged them, and 
they have been found wanting.


For more information on the NCTT-COR-SHU and its work product, contact:

Michael Zaharibu Dorrough, D83611

J. Heshima Denham, D38283

Kambui Robinson, C82830

Jabari Scott, H30530

Address for all is:

P.O. Box 3481
Corcoran, CA 93212
Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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