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Wed Nov 13 10:40:47 EST 2013

  Lawyer: Palestinian community activist unfairly targeted

By Lauren Zumbach Tribune reporter

4:51 p.m. CST, November 12, 2013

Lawyers for an Evergreen Park woman facing immigration fraud charges 
alleged today she has been unfairly targeted in a politically motivated 
prosecution that is an attempt to intimidate activists opposed to U.S. 
and Israeli policies in the Mideast.

"The government cannot pick and choose who they prosecute based on 
religion, race or political beliefs," Michael Deutsch, a member of 
Rasmieh Yousef Odeh's legal team, said at a press conference at his law 

The 66-year-old Odeh, a longtime activist in Chicago's Palestinian 
community, is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges tomorrow in 
federal court in Detroit.

According to Odeh's indictment, she was convicted in Israel for her 
involvement in two bombings carried out on behalf of the Popular Front 
for the Liberation of Palestine in 1969. One, at a Jerusalem 
supermarket, killed two people and injured several others. She was 
sentenced to life imprisonment, but her sentence was commuted after 10 
years as part of a prisoner exchange.

The indictment alleges she concealed the conviction and her time in 
prison when she applied for a visa in 1995 and applied for U.S. 
citizenship in 2004.

Deutsch argued that it was "unfair" to question her application after 
she was granted citizenship and added that her alleged failure to 
disclose her imprisonment "is not a lie if you interpret it in the 
proper way," arguing that many Palestinians were unjustly imprisoned.

Hatem Abudayyeh, director of the Arab American Action Network, where he 
worked with Odeh, said he believes officials re-examined Odeh's 
citizenship application after the FBI raided the homes of 23 activists, 
including Abudayyeh's, in 2010.

"It's overreaching to accuse her of anything but being a productive 
citizen," said Abudayyeh, who is also leader of the pro-Palestine group, 
Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

Activists who've worked with Odeh gathered at the People's Law Office 
for the press conference here while Odeh met with lawyers in Detroit. 
Abudayyeh said he expected about 100 Chicagoans to travel to her 
arraignment Wednesday to show support.

If convicted, Odeh faces up to 10 years in prison and the loss of her 
citizenship, authorities have said.

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