[Ppnews] NY - Anarchist Gerald Koch imprisoned for refusal to cooperate with Grand Jury

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Wed May 22 10:57:51 EDT 2013

  New York: Anarchist Gerald Koch imprisoned for refusal to cooperate
  with Grand Jury

May 22, 2013

/From Jerry Resists <http://jerryresists.net/category/updates/>:

Jerry was taken into custody of US marshals today at 4:18 PM. Throughout 
his hearing, he did not answer any questions; he remained silent the 
entire time.

About sixty people showed in support of Jerry. The court room was 
packed, and he knew as he was taken by the marshals that we support and 
love him. The crowd yelled out their support for him as he was escorted 
out of the room.

Jerry asked that we release this statement to his supporters after his 

    By the time you read this, I will be in the custody of the United
    States government for continuing my refusal to cooperate with a
    federal grand jury. This is the right thing to do.

    I continue to believe that the government is using this federal
    grand jury in an abusive manner to force me to divulge information
    about my political associations and social networks.

    If we mean what we say when we talk about radical politics, then we
    do not participate in witch hunts, inquisitions, or the assembly of
    black lists. As an individual, I will not lend legitimacy to
    government brutality and intimidation; I will not be used. As an
    anarchist, I will summon the courage to be stronger than the forces
    of the State's all-too-real repression; I will not break.

    Your show of truly powerful support has done nothing but strengthen
    my resolve in refusing to cooperate. We must not let ourselves be
    isolated by the government's heavy-handed tactics. We must not give
    the state that last inch it tries to break in every one of us.

    With Love, with Dignity, in Solidarity

    Jerry Koch

If you haven't already, please sign up for a recurring donation so that 
we can ensure that Jerry has immediate access to his commissary and will 
be able to be in touch with his loved ones. You can sign up and make 
donations at Jerry's support site at jerryresists.net

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