[Ppnews] Four Palestinian Prisoners and Five Jordanian Prisoners on Open Hunger Strike

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Mon May 20 15:42:27 EDT 2013

  Four Palestinian Prisoners and Five Jordanian Prisoners on Open Hunger
  Strike; Military Court to Consider Request from PLC member Ahmed
  Sa?'adat? for a Visit from his Granddaughter?


Occupied Ramallah?, 20 May 2013 /-

Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association's Research and 
Documentation Unit has learned that 4 Palestinian prisoners are on open 
hunger strike. They are making several demands from the Occupation 
authorities and the Israeli Prison Service (IPS). Addameer can also 
confirm that 5 Jordanian prisoners are on hunger strike in order to shed 
light on their cause and are demanding family visits.
Addameer has gathered the following information concerning the hunger 
1?. Detainee Ayman Abu Daoud ?(30 years old?) from Al?-Khalil 
?(Hebron?). He has been on hunger strike since 14 April 2013 in protest 
of his re?-arrest after his release as part of the most recent prisoner 
exchange deal on 18 October 2011. Abu Daoud was released ?as part of the 
deal after having spent 7 years of his 36-year sentence in prison?. 
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) want him to serve the rest of his 
previous sentence ?(a remaining 29 years?) on the basis of Article 186 
of Military Order 1651?, as amended in September 2011?. Abu Daoud was 
re-arrested by the IOF under this article under the pretext of his 
having violating the terms of his release in a prisoner exchange deal. 
He has been transferred to the clinic at Ramleh Prison after his health 
declined as a result of the hunger strike.
2?. Detainee Ayman Hamdan ?(30 years old) from Bethlehem. He has been on 
hunger strike since 28 April 2013 in protest of his administrative 
detention. Hamdan has been held in administrative detention since 21 
August 2012. The prison administration has transferred him to isolation 
in Ofer Prison as a punishment for the strike.
3. Detainee Imad Al-Batran (39 years old) from Idhna/Al-Khalil (Hebron). 
He has been on hunger strike since 7 May 2013 in protest of the renewal 
of an administrative detention order against him. Al-Batran announced 
his strike after he received the 6-month renewal, the fourth consecutive 
renewal since his detention began on 18 November 2011. Occupation 
authorities immediately transferred Al-Batran to isolation in Ofer 
Prison after he announced his hunger strike.
It is important to note that Al?-Batran was also on hunger strike in 
September 2012 in protest of the IPS' refusal to allow him to visit his 
imprisoned brother?, Tareq Al?-Batran?, who has been in prison since 3 
May 2005 and who is serving a life sentence?.
4?. Prisoner Abdallah Al?-Barghouthi ?(41 years old?), from the village 
of Beit Rima?, in the governorate of Ramallah?. Al-Barghouthi received 
the highest sentence by a military court in the history of the Israeli 
occupation ?(67 life sentences?). He has been imprisoned since 5 March 
2003?. Al?-Barghouthi announced his open hunger striker on 2 May 2013, 
demanding that his relatives in Jordan be allowed to visit him in 
prison?. He was immediately transferred to isolation in Ramleh Prison?. 
Al-Barghouthi also went on hunger strike on 12 A?pril 2012, demanding 
that he be released from isolation and be allowed to receive family visits?.
Addameer also confirms that there are 5 prisoners with Jordanian 
citizenship who have been on open hunger strike since the beginning of 
May?. They are demanding more attention for their cause, as well as 
family visits, from which they have been banned for several years.
On another note, Addameer's lawyer Mahmoud Hassan has reported that 
imprisoned PLC representative Ahmad Sa'adat will be brought before a 
judge in the district court in Al-Lid (Lod) next Tuesday, 21 May 2013. 
The judge will consider a request put forth by Sa'adat to be able to 
receive a visit from his granddaughter in prison.
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