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Prison officials must be so afraid of July 8 that they're getting rattled.
Their latest move is bizarre.

This letter just from came from Abdul Shakur (James Harvey), who's housed in the
Pelican Bay SHU next door to Mutope (James Crawford), Sitawa (Ron Dewberry) and Arturo Castellanos:

"My sista, this is just a quick missive to inform you that the March issue
[of the Bay View newspaper] was confiscated, but a number of Mexican
prisoners received their copy, so we had the opportunity to read and study it.

"The Brothers, we intend to launch a major legal battle in the service of the
Bay View. We have initiated the First Amendment right campaign and the
Bay View will be at the forefront. That punk acting Lt.
Frisk will have to explain his actions in court.

"I have multiple lawsuits pending in court, and at least in two of them
I now don't intend to take a deal. I now intend to go to trial so we can
expose IGI once and for all. I will keep you posted."

Mary Ratcliff
SF Bay View
(415) 671-0789

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