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*Prisoner: The patients in Ramla jail are medically neglected*
[ 07/03/2013 - 11:31 AM

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Palestinian prisoner Riyadh Amour said that the 
detainees in the Ramla prison infirmary are medically neglected and 
their health conditions deteriorate everyday physically and psychologically.

"The life in this hospital is unbearable. We'd rather be executed by 
Israel and rest forever or provided with proper hospitalization and 
medication. We can no longer stay here enduring pain and psychological 
stresses," Amour, a heart patient in Ramla jail, stated in a letter he 
gave to his lawyer.

"The situation has become worse than ever; the prison administration 
does not respond to the demands of the detained patients and their 
rights are always neglected and diminished," Amour complained.

"The chronic medical conditions have become hopeless cases and this 
reflected badly on their psychological status making them sleepless and 
unable to live without painkillers," he added.

"There are prisoners whose wounds have got rotten due to inadequate 
treatment like the cases of prisoners Samer Awaisat and Ahmed Awad who 
is fitted with waste hose as a result of their exposure to gunshots," 
the prisoner elaborated.

According to him, prisoner Mansour Mukida, paralyzed, is also in 
heartbreaking condition living on painkillers and constantly suffering 
from fainting spells and nervous twitches, while prisoner Nahid Al-Aqra 
suffers from insomnia and his right foot rotted and now needs amputation.

Many other prisoners also suffer from difficult health conditions and 
receive no appropriate medical care in the infirmary of Ramla jail, his 
letter stated.

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