[Ppnews] Prisoners in Washington state to join July 8 strike called by California prisoners

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    Prisoners in Washington state to join July 8 strike called by
    California prisoners

June 26, 2013

/*by Diana George, Free Us All Coalition*/

/Seattle, Washington (June 26, 2013)/ -- Prisoners in the state of 
Washington will go on strike on July 8, 2013, refusing to work on that 
day. Some prisoners in Washington, including some in juvenile 
facilities, have vowed to join the nonviolent strike. The strike's aim 
is two-fold: to show support for the hunger strikers in Guantanamo Bay, 
Cuba, and to join California prisoners in protesting long-term solitary 
confinement and other human rights abuses in U.S. prisons.

The Washington prison strike on July 8 will coincide with hunger strikes 
and work stoppages at Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent City, 
California, and at least four other prisons in California. The 
California prisoners' demands include an end to long-term solitary 
confinement and to such practices as "gang debriefing."

To gain release from solitary confinement, California prisoners are 
pressured to "debrief," denouncing fellow prisoners as gang members, who 
are then punished with solitary confinement. Some California prisoners 
have been held in isolation for more than 30 years; the strike's aim is 
to end this torture.

The California prison strikes will be the third such strike to occur in 
the last three years. On July, 1, 2011, 6,600 prisoners in the state of 
California went on a nonviolent hunger strike that began in Pelican Bay 
State Prison and spread to other facilities in the state. Later that 
year, their demands still unmet, nearly 12,000 California prisoners 
resumed the hunger strike in September and October 2011.

This year's call for a strike includes nonviolent work stoppage by 
prisoners in the general population, alongside the hunger strikes of 
those prisoners in solitary confinement. In California, as in 
Washington, work stoppages are slated to include all work, including 
tasks essential to the day-to-day functioning of the prisons, increasing 
the strike's impact.

/Diana George of the Free Us All Coalition in Washington can be reached 
at diana.george at gmail.com <mailto:diana.george at gmail.com>. To learn 
more, she recommends 
http://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com/ and 

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