[Ppnews] Herman Wallace diagnosed with liver cancer

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Tue Jun 18 10:35:48 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I am certain that by now you have received the very unfortunate news of 
Herman's diagnosis of liver cancer.  He asked that I send a quick update 
  to let everyone know how his is doing.  He was very clear that he 
wants the world to know what is going on with his health so feel free to 
share this information.

First and foremost, Herman is in good spirits, as always.  He still has 
his  sense of humor, in spite of the circumstances.  As far as his case 
and possible release, he wants everyone to know that he has not given up.

Herman has been surrounded by a lot of love over the last few days. 
  Maria and Vickie were able to spend the day with on Saturday.  I was 
with him all day today and Jackie joined us for the afternoon.  He has 
been back at Hunt since Friday.  He was initially held in a small 
solitary cell in the medical unit there, but last night he was moved to 
a what sounds like a regular hospital room with a private shower.

In terms of physical health, Herman has definitely lost quite a bit of 
weight.  He said his current weight is about 163, down from his usual 
215, but he thinks he has stabilized a bit in the last few days.  He had 
a good appetite for lunch today, and when he called tonight he said he 
had eaten dinner, as well.  He is up and about and seems to have a good 
level of energy.  Other than being thinner than usual, he does not 
appear to be ill at all.

My understanding of his treatment options is that transplantation, which 
is sometimes done for liver cancer, is not possible. Surgery is also not 
feasible, I believe, due to the size of the tumor.  Chemotherapy is an 
option, but based on what he was told at diagnosis it would likely buy 
him very little time and come with the considerable suffering.  He 
declined to accept chemo, which is certainly understandable.

Herman says that during his stint at the hospital in New Orleans he was 
seen by a team of physicians.  However, he was not sure whether he had 
spoken with an oncologist (cancer specialist). I have suggested that he 
request an appointment with one.  Based on the information we have, it's 
unlikely that any new treatment options will emerge, but he certainly 
deserves to speak with to someone with as much expertise as possible, 
just to be sure that nothing has been missed.

Also, Herman has hepatitis C (probably acquired from getting tattoos or 
a blood transfusion that he had years ago), which is very likely the 
cause of this cancer.  I have encouraged him to talk to his doctors 
about whether treatment for hep C is possible and could possibly slow 
the growth of the tumor.

I know that everyone is incredibly upset at the prospect of losing our 
dear Herman.  I hope that this awful situation will inspire us to honor 
him by doing what each of us does best--whether that be promoting 
justice through legal work, community organizing, art, public health, 
philanthropy, education, graphic design, film making, or simply speaking 
our minds.  Above all, I hope that will come together as a united 
community to show our love and support for Herman and Albert.  They need 
us now more than ever.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or if you 
need anything.

Much love and peace to all,
Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org

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