[Ppnews] Hussam Calls for Pressure on Israel to Allow Children Visit Their Detained Parents

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Tue Jan 29 18:14:44 EST 2013

    Hussam Calls on Associations to Exert Pressure on Israel to Allow
    Children Visit Their Detained Parents

    Published on Tuesday, 29 January 2013 08:49


The Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees association "Hussam" called 
on the international institutions dealing with children rights in the 
world such as UNICEF and the Global Movement for Defense of Children to 
exert pressure on Israeli occupation to allow children of Gaza prisoners 
to visit their parents inside the Israeli jails.

Hussam said that the occupation is still violating the rights of 
Palestinian prisoners by depriving their children from visiting them due 
to its unfair criteria imposed on prisoners families visits programme in 
the context of what is known as a temporary mechanism invented by the 
occupation authorities six month ago after signing an agreement between 
the palestinian prisoners and IPS sponsored by Egypt after along hunger 
strike launched by Thousands of Palestinian detainees for more than 28 days.

According to Hussam Association about 60% of 470 Gaza prisoners are 
married, therefore they have hundreds of children not able to visit 
their parents for more than six years.

The Association asserted that The continuation of depriving children 
from visiting their parents in israeli prisons would cause serious 
repercussions on the overall psychological situation of children, and it 
may cause negative impact and harmful psychological implications on the 
prisoners themselves, which requires immediate intervention from 
children rights advocates groups and institutions that work to enhance 
children rights in the world to force the occupation to stop this crime 
against children prisoners who are eager to see their parents inside 
Israeli prisons.

Hussam pointed that "the occupation is practicing denial of family visit 
and security bans as a punitive policy aimed to undermine the will and 
steadfastness of Palestinian prisoners despite this flagrant violation 
of international humanitarian law and Geneva Conventions.

Hussam also asserted that such policy represents a flagrant violation to 
the agreement signed between prisoners and the Israeli government after 
prisoners success in achieving the minimum of their demands especially 
the resumption of the visitation program of prisoners from Gaza strip on 
the same mechanism that was known before the capture of Israeli former 
captive Gilaad Shalit.

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