[Ppnews] Umm Hamza, wife of Jafar Ezzedine, goes on fluids-only strike in solidarity with her husband

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Mon Jan 21 15:07:36 EST 2013

  Umm Hamza, wife of Jafar Ezzedine, goes on fluids-only strike in
  solidarity with her husband


The Palestinian Information Centre 
reported the following story on January 21, 2013:

Umm Hamza, the wife of prisoner Jafar Ezzedine, insists on continuing 
her hunger strike which she started 28 days ago in solidarity with her 
husband, who has been on hunger strike for 56 days in protest at his 
administrative detention without any guilt.

Ezzedine had gone on hunger strike last year for 55 days for the same 
reason before he was released and then administratively detained once again.

"I have been going partially on hunger strike and taking only fluids for 
27 days, and I would continue to do so until my husband is released," 
Umm Hamza affirmed.

"I am trying through my hunger strike to send a message to the world and 
to those who have living conscience that we are suffering because of the 
absence of my husband and that he, himself, suffers more because of his 
detention administratively and without any charge," the wife of Ezzedine 

"We do not see any [international] move in favor of the striking 
prisoners in Israeli jails, nor do we hear condemnation against their 
continued detention," She added.

Umm Hamza noted that she only takes fluids during her hunger strike in 
order to be able to stand up on her feet and take care of her children.

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