[Ppnews] Palestinian Detainees In Eshil Go On Hunger Strike

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  Detainees In Eshil Go On Hunger Strike

author Thursday January 17, 2013 12:57author by IMEMC & Agencies

Palestinian detainees, held at the Israeli Eshil prison, declared hunger 
strike in protest to the transfer of 27 detainees into solitary 
confinement, and to the ongoing violations carried out by the soldiers 
against them.

The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees issued a press release stating 
that the detainees started their hunger strike one day ago after the 
Israeli Prison Authority forced 27 detainees into solitary confinement.

The detainees said that the army is escalating its attacks against them, 
while the prison administration decided to deny family visits for one 

Approximately two weeks ago, undercover soldiers of the Israeli Prison 
Administration broke into section 15 of the Ofer Israel Prison, and 
attacked several detainees.

The detainees said that dozens of soldiers broke into section 15, and 
forced them to stand under the rain for an extended period, before 
violently kicking several detainees and hitting them with batons.

Four of the attacked and wounded detainees have been identified as 
Khalil Al-Kharouf, Ibrahim Abu Al-Asal, Mohammad Ibrewish, and Shaher 
Al-Heeh. Soldiers also transferred several detainees from Ofer to the 
Hadarim prison.

Israeli soldiers carry out repeated and similar attacks against the 
detainees in different Israeli prisons, detention camps, interrogation 
and detention centers.

There are currently more than 4500 Palestinians who are still imprisoned 
by Israel, including 198 children, eight women, and several elected 
legislators and officials.

79 detainees have died in prison since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa 
Intifada (In late September 2000) due to torture, medical neglect, 
excessive use of force by the soldiers and interrogators, in addition to 
several detainees who were executed by the arresting officers, former 
Political Prisoner, Palestinian Researcher, Abdul-Nasser Farawna said.

A total of 202 detainees died or were killed in Israeli prisons since 
1967; dozens of detainees also died after they were released due to 
diseases they encountered in prison or due to complications resulting 
from extreme torture and bad conditions in prisons.

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